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Hello everybody

Hello everybody

Hello everybody, I joined a long time ago but never really got into PE, but over the last couple of weeks I have been doing the newbie routine, which I am finding good, have not measured since starting as I want to give a month of good training!.

Starting stats are BPEL: 6.8 -7.0 Girth 5.0
Non-BPEL: seems to vary between 5.75 - 6.0 depending on how aroused I am?.
My goal is BPEL: 8.0 Girth 6.0 - 6.5

I have a couple of questions if some of you veterans don’t mind answering?.

1, after you have gained say 1 inch in length or more and have increased your girth, have any of you noticed that your erections are not as solid as before?. I ask this because I get really solid erections and maintain them after I have ejaculated which my girlfriend find surprising and likes alot, my worry is that if I do gain in length that it won’t be as hard as it is now?.

2, I have read that gaining length before girth is better if your going to length?, could you please enlighten me as to the best exercises for length specifically?, I have reviewed the exercise section but could not find which ones are specific for length?
I am fairly happy with my girth but in time would want that to increase also.

Thanks for you advice!


Hi Madviking2069,

I guess the best routine to start with is the newbie routine. Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine
PE should actually increase your erection quality so I don’t think you’ll have any problems with that. I also find your “ability” surprising is there any special technique you use or you just simply can do it?
I advise you read as much as you can before you start PE.

START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

That thread has a good compilation of essential things to read.

I wish you the best gains.

Hello man, welcome to thunders!!

I wish you great growth!!
I have just 1 tip=Don’t OVERTRAIN. If your dick is little bit bigger after the session then it’s good, but Dint progress too fast!! I did it and lost erections for 2 weeks! Just take it easy


Now: BPEL 8.3 EG 5.5 ¤_¤ Goal for 7 years: BPEL 8.5 and EG 6-6.5

Thanks very much guys for your time reading my post, I intend to take things nice an easy, I will stick to the newbie routine for at least a month and see how that goes, after all don’t want to kill the bugger!. Ha ha..

Keenmaynard regarding your question, I have always been that way, I can normally stay very hard for a couple of hours even if I come more then once, just a randy bastard I suppose!.

Ketsl what was your starting stats?. What did you do to gain length?

In General how have you two found PE?. Have you gained much?. As I am starting out I am still a little sceptical as wether it will work?

Well I’m also a newbie started a week ago. Only done 4 workouts and already feel some improvements on my erections. I was also skeptical but after I checked the Members Pics forum and saw the results I was convinced that PE does work.

Hey viking, you can keep your dick up for hours and cum MANY times!

Well, I’m a cuckold and I could really use a guy like you to satisfy my girlfriend! Wow man, that’s amazing(Y)

I’m natural, I have done only some PE. I don’t want to make my dick too big, because then it would be hard to find bulls.

But you man, take it easy and keep growing, once you hit your goal come to visit us in East Europe. Seriously!


Now: BPEL 8.3 EG 5.5 ¤_¤ Goal for 7 years: BPEL 8.5 and EG 6-6.5


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