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Hello everybody, another new one here.

Hello everybody, another new one here.

Hello everybody. I just want to post first in thanks to everyone that helps makes this website possible. I don’t think there are enough ways of expressing gratitude for the information found here. So thank you everyone! As you can probably guess I am new to all of this and I have many questions. Fortunately most of those were taken care of in the FAQ section. However there are a few that remain, these only because they are more opinion based as far as the answer goes.

1. Would the shower be a good place to have one’s “PE workout.”?

And if so, would shampoo soap etc. Be okay for a lubricant.?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve heard that shampoo and soap can irritate the skin sometimes, but also that the shower is great for a PE workout.

Welcome gohey! I do a lot of my workouts in the shower, but be careful of a couple things. Shampoos and soaps can irritate your skin, but I found a way to get around that for myself. I lather the shampoo into my hair and turn it all foamy and then I use that for my wet jelqs and that keeps it from irritating my skin.

PEing in the shower is an easy warmup also. You might not want to spend that much time in the shower though, but if you want to be lazy the shower definitely can suffice. Good luck.

Ah.. Ok well, I will have to keep that in mind. Thank you both. Another quick question :

2. Is it safe to say that everyone progresses at different rates?

For example, two people will be doing the same workout yet one person advances at a faster pace?

Yes. Be consistent and you should see some good gains early on.


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