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Hello and Help - Kill two birds with one stone.

Hello and Help - Kill two birds with one stone.

Hey fellas.

I’m what you call an all around average guy.

NBPEL - 5.7 (L)

BPEL - 6.2 (L)

Not too sure about the girth, what’s the accurate way to measure?

Basically, like any man, my self-esteem suffers greatly with that one worry, my penis. And so I’ve decided to hit up ever PE site I knew, eventually strolling across to you smart chaps, real results, real men, brilliant. Basically I’ve always want that ‘little extra’ and have decided to start a Jelq routine, I don’t get a lot of privacy so weights are slightly out of the question for the time being, but maybe in the future.

After my previous girlfriend decided to sleep with my best friend well ahem. Not best anymore you gather, that I decided I wanted to do something for myself in my downtime to bring to the table when I’m not so pissed off with women. Haha. As I said my general length can fluctuate between 5.6/7 to 6.00 depending on arousal level etc etc, you know what I’m talking about.

My goal is in-fact to reach somewhere between 6.5 and 7.0 Inches and have girth as a side project to my length gains, perhaps a total girth project when I eventually reach my target, I’m for the long haul chaps.

I’m basically wondering, would it be best to start with the newbie routine and work my way into a length based gain routine, and suggestions on how to not for no use of a better word, decimate my foreskin, as I’m uncut, maybe not for much longer though.

So, some input would be appreciated.

Many thanks.


1. Previous girlfriends can leave for many reasons. It may not have been your cock. Regardless, you’re here and welcomed.

2. The newbie routine is a start and all that many men need to see good gains. Girth is always more difficult to attain, so don’t be discouraged if the gain ratio is 1 inch length to .25 inch girth. It wouldn’t be unusual.

3. “Length only” routines tend to be ones that stretch the member, usually by hanging weights. Simple jelqing will get you length, so there’s not much need to look for more unless you stop gaining with whatever your current routine might be.

4. There are hundreds of posts about foreskins and PE exercises. So many that it can be downright difficult to successfully find a specific answer using our great search feature (button, top right of every page). You may find after a few weeks of jelqing that your foreskin is longer. Skin stretching is very common with jelqing. Some guys retract with each stroke to avoid it, but that can be cumbersome. Since I lost mine at birth I can’t give any firsthand advice. You can avoid decimation by not squeezing too hard or jelqing at too high an erection level.

Stravier fellow Brit, welcome. I started two days ago, we can share advice on where to get this theraband stuff from!

Thanks for the great reply their Westla, will look into it.

And Lord Harris, haha will be great to share progress and the other details like exercise tubing ;)


Happy pumping.

All things are possible.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!


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