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Hello, and a girth measuring question


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
So you Canucks say flaksid? Or do you have a fucked up dictionary? What do the online dictionaries say? I have never heard anyone say flaksid.

CA=California, land of fruits and nuts. I did have a Canadian grandmother, however.

My Encarta Dictionary shows “flaksid” as first-listed pronunciation. Dr. Dean Edell, a long-time medical/health radio show host (heard in CA, if not nationally), stated that “flaksid” was the correct pronunciation when answering a male caller’s sexual health related question.

Lots of things about me are fucked up, but my dictionary is in pretty good shape.

From Merriam Webster

One entry found.


Main Entry:
\ˈfla-səd also ˈflak-səd\
Latin flaccidus, from flaccus flabby

1 a: not firm or stiff; also : lacking normal or youthful firmness bof a plant part : deficient in turgor2: lacking vigor or force
— flac·cid·i·ty fla(k)-ˈsi-də-tē\ noun
— flac·cid·ly fla(k)-səd-lē\ adverb

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I always thought it’s ‘fla-sid’ too. That’s why I was surprised to see that a spell check tried to correct word “flacid” to “flaccid”.

It’s not really a visibly throbbing blood vessel - it’s a visible blood vessel that I can tell is throbbing, because I touched it;) .
Pulsating is kind of natural since it’s an artery and not a vein. What bothers me is that it shouldn’t become visible. Oh, well
I took a day off of both PE and masturbation to let it rest, and hopefully this won’t happen anymore..

C grip with my left hand is a great idea. Thanks! I’ll try this one out.

Today I only got to do 120 Jelqs before it kicked in..

I decided to drop stretching down, since it may be a possible cause of stress of the artery.. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll totally change my routine - concentrate on Kegels, only Jelq very lightly, and light stretches, and then come back to normal exercises in maybe two weeks or so.

Better safe then sorry.

Good Thinking Badmr. Like I told you, I only jelq in morning in the shower along with some stretches. I have been doing this for 2.5 weeks now, and everyone will shit their pants when the see my new measurements. Some days I only jelq lightly because my dick is sore. And some days I think when I do a lite workout, it is the most effective!! LISTEN TO YOUR DICK AND YOU WILL DO FINE. TRUST ME!

Oct. 07 : BPEL 6.5" EG 5.5" Nov. 07: BPEL 6.875" EG 5.5''

Goal NBPEL 7.0 EG 6.0"

Use the right HEAD when doing exercises! And smile!

What is the best excerise for girth

Well, so far for me it seems that jelqing has helped out greatly. I also do another exercise that I’m not sure what it is called. Possible Bends. I wait until I am done jelqing and stretching, then I grab my dick at the base with the OK grip. I then stick out my forefinger and bend my dick over and down and hold it with my middle finger while pressing lightly on the exposed part. Kind of confusing I’m sure. Do a search on bending perhaps, or ask a senior member what they think about this.

Oct. 07 : BPEL 6.5" EG 5.5" Nov. 07: BPEL 6.875" EG 5.5''

Goal NBPEL 7.0 EG 6.0"

Use the right HEAD when doing exercises! And smile!

Originally Posted by rmartin
What is the best excerise for girth

If you are new to PE, you should stick with the suggested Newbie Routine for a few months. Study the links provided for newbies at the top of the Newbie Forum page. Only after you’ve conditioned your dick during the initial months should you consider any more advanced techniques. That said, jelqing works well for girth. There are also advanced stretches you might add later on, as well as risky stuff like clamping. Don’t do anything without first reading thoroughly about it. Learn to love the Search feature.

Exactly calfaddict. Thanks.

Oct. 07 : BPEL 6.5" EG 5.5" Nov. 07: BPEL 6.875" EG 5.5''

Goal NBPEL 7.0 EG 6.0"

Use the right HEAD when doing exercises! And smile!

The Merriam Webster online dictionary pronounces it “flassid” first and “flaksid” second. You can actually hear a woman’s voice pronounce it for you if you care to on that site. Here’s the link

On a side note, if you want a good laugh, click on this one and listen to the pronunciation

September 20, 2007: BPEL: 5.8 inches, EG: <5.5 inches

March 15, 2008: BPEL: 7.6 inches, EG: 5.75 inches

Yes, that's a gain of 1.8 inches. And no... That's not my real picture.

I have never heard ‘flaksid’ either, but checking my favourite, the good old Oxford English Dictionary, it gives both flaksid and flassid as being correct. I learn something new every day. Today’s piece of information was not of great value!

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

I’ve started a pretty light routine of:
60 jelqs(that’s right - only 60, reasons below)
Some stretching
60x5 seconds +6x30 seconds PC.eeerm.. Contractions?(what word would fit better?)

Because I still get this stinky artery surfacing after around 120+ jelqs, I decided to start my routine at half of that, and slowly build my way up at a pace of +10 jelqs each week. I must say that reading all those ‘whats the perfect size?’ threads floating around lately had some influence too. After all the conclusion of most of those threads is that the ‘preferred size’ for most women is 7,5” lenght and 5,5” girth, and I’m definitely not far off(7,2 BPEL & 5,5 EG). Actually most of my insecurities faded away. I’m only a bit short of this ‘perfect size’ - about 0,7 an inch since it’s probably NBPL.I wouldn’t mind being bigger, but I’m good as it is;) .

The side effect of having a healthy penis is much more welcome, but for that I don’t need any advanced exercises that deal a lot of stress to the penis. I guess that a light jelqing routine with a bit of kegeling will suffice.


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