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Hello, and a few questions about a unique situation

Hello, and a few questions about a unique situation


Just thought I’d introduce myself and give you a little background on my past PE experiences. First of all, my measurements are as follows:

3” BPFL (unstretched)
5” BPFL (stretched)
5.5” BPEL
5” Girth (Measured midway up the shaft)

As you can see… pretty unamazing. I’ve always thought myself small, and have been looking for a way to get the kind of “equipment” the guys in the porn flicks have. I tried a few of the rip-off internet schemes: pills, paying for the same exercises I could’ve gotten here for free, etc. Doling out money just had me disillusioned to the whole concept of PE. Then I stumbled upon this site, and was rather quickly amazed at some of the gains that were being reported. That’s when I started seriously considering starting fresh and doing things the RIGHT way.

So I lurked and read… saw a few things that might work for me. I started a daily regimen of stretches and jelqs, and held religiously to it for about 2 weeks. Then, disaster struck.

I was involved in a serious car accident. The airbag in my car deployed and severely injured both of my wrists and my right (dominant) thumb. (FYI… If you have airbags, DO NOT put your hands at 10 and 2, put them at 9 and 3… I have the pins in my wrists to prove the sageness of that advice.) So, needless to say, I have next to no gripping strength in either of my hands. I can barely hold a can of soda, let alone exert the kind of force I need to to perform an adequate jelq or stretch. In essence, I’ve been limited to hanging weights until my physical therapy provides me with a (much) stronger grip.

My goal is to reach 5” unstretched BPFL, 7-8” stretched BPFL and BPEL, and around 6” girth. I was wondering first off, what the likelihood of getting these sort of gains with hanging alone would be, not counting girth, as I wouldn’t imagine hanging is going to help me much if at all in that department. Secondly, are there any methods of PE for a relative newbie that do not require much in the way of grip? If not, I guess I’ll just begin hanging for now, and then progress to other techniques as my wrists get stronger. Thanks in advance to anyone who can be of assistance!


If it was me, I would be concentrating on rehabilitating my hands and wrists before moving on to PE. First things first as they say.

Is that correct that your BPEL is greater than BPFL? It seems unusual. Anyway, I was just wondering if the nature of the injury would allow you to use a power-jelq device? Perhaps with one handle fixed to a standing height bench/table then with pressure from just one hand (no gripping), and body movement you might be able to get something like a regular jelq.

Apologies if that’s a little on the far side, but it’s the only thing I can think of that doesn’t involve digit dexterity.

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

Starting out hanging sounds dangerous to me, unless you possibly start very light.. I’ll let the hangers chime in on that one. I like Shiver’s idea of the Power Jelq device, you will need to start off slowly no matter what you do. Take care and Welcome!


You might want to try pumping. It’s quite easy, and should help in the girth area.


Thanks for the assistance, everyone. I’m gonna take a look into a power jelq device of some sort… see if I can manage to get that working before I start hanging. If not, guess I’ll just ease _very_ slowly into hanging.


Personally if I were in your situation, without knowing more, I would lean toward what Shiver and Wantmo have said, power jelqing and pumping, for no other reason than my own preference.

One other post on the power jelq, New Power Jelq "Dura-Cylinders"
I did the Do-it-yourself version and bought the canning jar lifter for ~$6 plus pipe insulation ~$3 and made my own with some duct tape added for good measure. If your not wanting to do that, you can order one from the power jelq site for I think 60 bucks.

I use mine and I like the feel I get with it. After the first 2-3 sessions it was slightly broke in and easier to use. I could easily envision setting it on a counter and moving myself instead of the device in order to use downward body weight as the pressure versus using one or two hands grip like normal.

I have not incorporated pumping into my routine (yet) but I have seen several members post that they use their own inhalation to get the pressure needed to do pumping (usually on homemade pumps), so if you had a problem squeezing the grip on one this would be an option.

Good luck ArturusX, were there is a will there is a way~


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