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Hello all

Hello all

I just glanced over some of the pics. I am quite astonished to say the least at the sheer size of all the dicks on here. I pray to god that those are above average. It really goes to show that it’s all relative, I mean, I would be more than satisfied with I was as big as the pics I saw. Jesus. But I’m gonna give it a shot, I am determined. I’d like to grow an inch in length and maybe an inch in girth as well, I’m aiming high but at least I have a direction. I’m trying to increase my size but remain proportionate. This seems like a wonderful place with delightful people so it will be a neat ‘growing’ experience.


It may not have allowed me to edit. I think it said I had ten minutes, but oh well. My question was regarding kegels and jelqs? What are they? Are there instructions on here somewhere? Thanks.

Well if you are determined enough you will find what you need in less than 3 minutes. Check your screen and you will see where you need to start when you are on the index of the newbie forum, look up. If you read those and still have questions. Come back :-)


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