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Hello ALL!!

Hello ALL!!

Well, I was going to wait until I saw gains before I posted anything but I can see that I’m going to need some words of wisdom and some motivation on this because I’m very sceptical atm.

I’ve been jelqing since Sep 26 but wasn’t doing it for more than 5 - 10 mins at a time. Monday I switched my routine, warmup, 9-15 sec stretches, then 20 mins of wet-jelqing.

I’m not interested in getting to 8 x 6 really. I’m 5.75 EL and 5.25 EG and my goal is to get to 6.75 EL and 5.75 EG. If anyone has any advice please feel free to let me know if my routine is ok etc etc. I’m really looking forward to seeing results and am hoping I can become a believer.


ModKaman EL - 5.75 BPEL - 6.5 EG - 5.25

Hi Modkaman, I’m almost like your size, please check the tutorials, as far as you can, read all the necessary info, and keep posting your results.


BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

Before I started, I was a skeptic too. This thread made me a believer.

lil1’s Progress Pics

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Didn’t anybody ever tell you that this stuff doesn’t work? ;) It’s natural to not be a believer until you start doing a routine & measure yourself after a few weeks. Are those your starting measurements? If they are, measure now. I bet you’ll find your motivation & “faith”.

Your goals are very reasonable.


Start 6/13/04: 6.0 BPEL x 5.125 EG (midshaft) Current 10/17/04: 6.938 BPEL x 5.625 EG (midshaft) Come on 7! Disclaimer: I'm not an advanced member, but my member is advancing. ;)

Originally Posted by fieldmouse
Before I started, I was a skeptic too. This thread made me a believer.

lil1’s Progress Pics

Yep! That one was the clincher for me, too.

Move a little closer, Honey.

I've got a big prick for you.


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