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Hello all

Hello all

Hehe, I probably should’ve posted my introduction BEFORE I started asking advice, pardon me for that.

Not much history on me…I’m 18 years old, turning 19 in 3 days. I’ve never been really self-conscious about my size until about a year ago, when I noticed that the dildo I bought my girlfriend (6xwhatever) was able to please her more in 10minutes than I could in an hour at times. Why was this? Well it has about 3/4” of length on me- but length isn’t an issue, it’s the girth that got me.

So I’m not sure what that dildo’s girth was, but it motivated me to research this, because I have always noticed myself to be a little skinny :)

Funny thing was, before I always thought I was a good size and length, that’s what I get from using MY own style of measurement. I’m looking to start an intensive routine ASAP and have started another thread that’s already dissapeared from the front page. I’ll be sure to update it with my stats and routine outline so any advice would be appreciated.

Nice meeting everyone! I’m glad to be here!



Welcome to the board. Settle on a routine, stick with it, and you’ll make progress.

If you haven’t already, be sure to take your starting measurements.


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