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Hello all :

Hello all :

Hey guys,

My first day here and reading up on the instructions and guides :)
Just wondering is vitamins/supplements needed for the growth?
I prefer to go without vit/supps but if its needed then ofc I will try~


Welcome to the forum, ArowDat.

Vitamins and supplements are not necessary for penis growth. Especially assuming that your diet is good and over-all health is good.

Good luck.

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Hey arrow, welcome!

The only thing you really need for growth is your hands, willpower and some lube.

Vitamins and supplements can be beneficial to your health in general, but they don’t do much for penis size.

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Yeah, welcome to Thunders.

Do the newbie until you stop seeing results.

Don’t worry about not knowing anything or trying to understand, just realise that you are here for the long haul and that the rewards are more than you can possibly imagine.

And keep asking questions. That what we are here for.

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Thanks for the quick reply guys!
Yeah I’m pretty athletic and healthy so that means no need supps then :)

Nice to meet you all :D


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