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Hello, all.

Hello, all.

Hello, my name is Rubicante, and I am totally new to the concept of PE. I stumbled upon this site because I saw mention of the term ‘megalophallus’ on television and decided to look it up. What I found on other sites was reasonable, but very technical, and then I found this site. Every so often, I skim around the forums and what I see intrigues me.

From what I have read here, increase in size is mostly obtained by jelqing and by hanging/pumping. Given my living situations, I can’t easily buy/make a pump, Uli thing, or even a fleshlight (which kinda sucks).

Aside from jelqs in the shower, are there any other exercises that I can do for decent gains that don’t require anything other than my hands and some good, old-fashioned effort?

Any help that you can offer would make this PE newb very happy.

Wow, it’s hard to believe that I missed that thread.

As for stats, I’m about 7.5” x 5” while fully erect.

As soon as I get my web cam working, I might post a pic or two.

Thanks for the luck, by the way (:

Just like Marinera said start with the newbie routine. Take it real slow until you learn your limits and learn to read your Physiological Indicators.
Find out about your PI’s here:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Good luck on your efforts. I am also in a somewhat similar situation to yours, the only resources I have available are my hands and some lube!

Originally Posted by Cake233
Good luck on your efforts. I am also in a somewhat similar situation to yours, the only resources I have available are my hands and some lube!

That is all you need. Especially as someone who is new to PE. Some people go years of doing mannual exercise and report gains doing so as well.

Manual exercises outlined in the Newbie routine can gain results over time, without the need to experiment with advanced techniques and equipment. In fact it is better to start slow and stick to manual for a good period of time to avoid injury. More than anything I believe the most important factor when it comes to PE is to create and maintain excellent EQ (Erection Quality). A solid erection can feel bigger to a women than a bigger but poorly erected penis as it hits all the spots in the vagina wall which are pleasurable. Therefore, no matter how much you get in to PE always make sure the exercises you do allow you to maintain excellent EQ. The importance of EQ

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@ Cake and Rubicante, all you need are your hands and some lube. It’s just my opinion, but pumping and hanging and all of that is overkill. I have made outstanding gains with nothing but stretching and jelqing.

Welcome to the forum and the world of PE.

Agree that you can start with the Newbie routine. It doesn’t take much time to start with. See “less is more” in search.

You can break up the routine in small segments during the day. A little in the morning, piss pulls during the day, and more exercises at night.

You are already starting out well above average in length. Recommend doing a good Penis inventory with some pictures so you know where you started and what routines work and what do not. Also recommend putting your PE stats in the PE stats section of the forum.

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)


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