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Hello All

Hello All

I’m not new to PE. But I have decided to get back into it, this time being more consistent. Here’s my work out; I want gain more girth. So I have decided to for two months I’ll angled wet jelq 3x75 (0 degree x25, 90 degree x25, and 180 degree x25), Horse 440 4min to start then 5min towards the end of the month, and edging (though that has nothing to do with girth, I think?) My third month I will start clamping. I’ll start with single clamping 3x 5mins, three weeks in move up to 10mins, then three weeks in move up to double clamping for 3x 10 mins. My wet jelp will move down to 3x45 obviously I’ll stop the horse 440. This is just the start I want to see were I am before I introduce pumping or will I hold off for longer.

What should I change and why or do you think it’s a promising work out? Also I’m thinking of going without a rest day but if I do go with one I’m only considering 4 work/ 2 rest.

What do you think?Explain?

P.S: My workout will done twice a day.

Hello West99;

you are interested just in girth no length -right? Ok. A no rest-days routine isn’t the way to go when girth oriented, high intensity exercises are used. In no way you can do a 14 times per week clamping routine.

I’d stay on a basic jelq only routine for at least three months; if gains aren’t that good, I would consider adding pumping. Finally, if pumping is not helping, I would go on clamping. A 2-5 sessions per week is the range I would advice.

If you decide to start pumping, my advice is to hear the advices of expert pumpers around here - guys like avocet8, gprent, Lampwick, to name some.

Good luck and keep us updated. :)

What are your stats?

Sorry, I will start proofreading my post. I’m surprised you could understand what I was saying. Anyway to answer frutaxia’s question I’m avg. BEPL:7.5” EG:towards base: a little over 5”, mid shaft: a little under 5”, under head: a little under 5”; I’m really trying to get more girth in the mid shaft. Marinera so I should add a rest day presently even though I’m just angled wet jelqing? Once I stared clamping I was going to go for a 5:1 workout:rest routine. But since I was just do a simple workout I wasn’t going to really add a rest day, until I got to clamping.

I misnamed an exercise I do, I don’t do horse 440 I do Uli (or Uli#3), but after reading about it I may add it.

Also what is a good time for warm-up? When I was here long a go it was 10 min.? (I warm up 8-10 mins. With an infrared lamp)

LOL. I’m back older, wiser, and still trying to get a ticker penis. This time I’ll start simple, three months of angled dry and wet jelqs; during which time I’ll study pumping. Then after the three months add pumping into my routine.


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