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Hello all

Hello all

I have been PEing for about 3 months now and gained 0.6 inches in length and 0.2 in girth so far! I did the newbie routine for the first month and saw some gains but now I do:

10 mins of warm up
35 seconds of stretching for all angles
7 seconds of pretty hard stretches done 5 times for all angles with a 2 second break in between each stretch
15-25 minutes of dry jelqing
10 mins of warm down

My current stats are 5.9 nbl and 4.7 girth

I also have a slight problem :(

My penis has 1 big red pimple ( now it’s more like a big red spot ) on it and it has been there for 1-2 months now. Also on the side of my penis I have a regular pimple which isn’t as big as the first one was but it’s still pretty gross. I will post pictures of them soon cause the bigger one is hard to describe. I have acne but to think it’s spreading to my penis is just not what I want right now heh.

Would it be ok if I started mementos routine in April or is it too early? ( Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism )

It’s probably an ingrown hair or an infected hair follicle. Post a pic. Somebody will identify what it is.



Stick on the routine you are on now until you exhaust the gains before you move to mem’s routine. It’s not that mem’s routine is to advanced but, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Besides you got pretty decent gains.

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Over 1/2” in three months is great, don’t mess with success.

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