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Hello all

Hello all

Here is my standard newbie thread well sorta. I’m new to this website, but not new to the world of penis enlargement. I’ve heard about PE way back in October of 2000. I bought a manuel off ebay which gave me lots of information about stretching, kegel exercises, and Jelqing (there was a lot of other information but these were the main points). After reading the Manuel over and over again, I thought wow it is possible to enlarge my penis. Well I tried it for alittle while then totally quit (not sure on the exact amount, but lets just say I laugh about it now). So 4 years went by and I did nothing. Just kept wishing and hoping my penis would magicly grow. Then I got doped into buying penis enlargement pills (yes I know they are a joke and do nothing no need to remind me) . So after that trail and error, I decided to use the Manuel again. Well I had a routine going, but I wasn’t doing my PE enough times a week; sometimes it was 4 or 5 sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. Finally I quit again. I then got a single bedroom apartment and thought “wow this is the perfect place for me to do my workout without having to worry about getting caught”. I had a good routine down that lasted about and hour and half. Well I did this for about 2 months then once again quit all together. Now I will bring us up to present.

That is a brief history of my past ( I could go longer but nobody is here to read a book). So now I’ve restarted again and this time I’m serious about the workout. I have changed my workout from what it used to be a month ago. I restarted January 1 2006. For four months this was my workout.

5 mins hot wrap
20 to 30 mins Jelqing
Took a hot shower and let the water run on my penis (another hot wrap in my mind)

Now I don’t believe I was doing the Jelqing right (meaning to fast on the strokes 1 or 2 seconds not 3). I also don’t believe I had my penis at the right angle (is there a right angle?). I mainly laid on my bed pushing my penis down as far as I could (my hands bottom out on the bed and that’s what the angle was). After 4 months of this I saw little to no gains (I know this is not enough time) but reading many of the forums here I can see I need to stick with my workout for along time. Some member’s I have read have gone a year or 2 years and have gained a good amount.

As of the second week of May I changed my workout again to include stretching exercises. Here is my current exercise program any suggestion on what to add drop or continue to do will help. Also feel free to ask me any questions I’ll be happy to answer them.

Current Routine

1.)Stretch my penis to the Left, right and out straight. Hold in each position for 15 seconds. Repeat 2 more times.
After that wave my penis around and get some blood flow back into it.

2.)5 min hot wrap.
3.)Stretching exercise- Pull my penis to the left, right, out straight, and down 30 times (meaning stretch it as far as it will go then for the next 29 pulls try and strench it further after every pull). After every direction change I wave my penis around to get the blood flow back.

4.)Jelqing-20 to 25 minute session. I’ve moved to doing this at the end of my bed so I can push my penis down as far as possible without my hands bottoming out. I also squeeze as hard as I can (don’t know if this matter’s or not). I also notice my penis gets near to 100 percent erect and I have to stop and let it go down. I hope this does not hurt or affect my exercise.

5.) I repeat step 1

6.) Take a hot shower letting the water run on my penis for 5 mins for my hot wrap.

This is my current routine. Here are my measurements below.

EG- 5.25, EL- 5.25, BP- 6.5, FL-3, FG-4.5, BPFSL-7 (I can’t believe I got it to pull that far)

My goals are to have 7 to 7.5 EL and around 5.5-6 for EG. I am mainly concerned about length to be honest.

Thanks for reading this (those of you who made it through this essay) I’m just glad I found this website, I never thought a place like this existed.

Welcome aboard. Maybe I missed it, but how often do you do PE?

Yes, welcome.

I think you need to discover the key to penis growth, consistency. Start stop, start stop is NOT conducive to growth. Even though you are not new to the world of PE, follow the newbie routine for a bit and recondition your penis to the exercises. Remember, warm ups are important as are rest days.

Now, get consistent and you will be much happier with your efforts.

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I PE 6 days a week. Mon-Sat I take Sunday off. If that’s to much or maybe I should add a day off in between let me know. You are 100 percent correct Sunshinekid. No my penis is recondition. I started back up in January of this year so 5 months ago (although as I stated I changed my routine the second week of May to include stretching exercises). Oh and this workout takes just under an hour for me to complete which is great because I don’t have a lot of time being in college and having a part time job. So if I have to add or change anything, I would hope it doesn’t require more time.

If you’re growing don’t change anything. Cut down if PIs aren’t keeping you company.

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I’ll measure in a couple of months or maybe at the end of June to see if there is any growth. What do you mean by cut down on PI’s?

PI = Positive Indicator. Example of some PIs: morning wood, harder erections and greater sensitivity. What I meant was cut down or add an extra rest day if these indicators of good health aren’t around. Otherwise, carry on with what’s giving you gains. Growth and PIs are all that matters really.

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Oh. Ok then I get it now. I’ll make sure to watch for that. Never really thought of those affecting my workout, but it makes sense if my penis is to worn out and needs more rest. Thanks for the tip.

Hello GoalDriven,

Was going through your post, not sure if you are still around or not
If yes, would like to hear back from you on your progress, what did you manage to increase in size?

I am new to the forum so would like to hear experiences from other members

Originally Posted by bigdick7in
Hello GoalDriven,

Was going through your post, not sure if you are still around or not
If yes, would like to hear back from you on your progress, what did you manage to increase in size?

I am new to the forum so would like to hear experiences from other members

His last activity here was 10-31-2007.

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