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Hello all -- NYC newbie here

Hello all -- NYC newbie here

Just wanted to say hi to everyone here. It’s my first post here on Thunder’s Place. I enjoy a site like this which is full of useful information and a pleasant, friendly attitude. Have never done PE before, measured EL years ago as 7.5” but got 7” baseline today using the BP method on this site (which I guess shows why consistent measuring method is important?). I have no complaints about my current stats, but an increase via a simple & safe routine could be nice (stretches and jelqs).

Thanks again,


Welcome and good luck.

:_pump: :donatecar

Welcome. Hopefully we both get some gains

Starting Size (10-07): 5.5" NBPEL | 4.5" EG | 1.5-3.0" FL | 2.5" FG

Goal: 7.5" NBPEL | 6.0" EG | 4.75" FL | 4.5" FG

Hey. Welcome to TP a fellow New Yorker. Enjoy your stay.

"If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." -Bruce Lee

Good luck and have fun!

First goal = 17cmx14cm

Hey energizer. Like you I’m a 7 incher, and have a 6 inch girth. If I gain, great, but if I don’t, just after 3 weeks I can tell you that my penis health has increased. At 37, my morning wood is a lot harder, even woke me up at night a few times. Veins have increased and last night my wife even commented about how hard it was, plus I’ve had some slight improvement with lasting longer. Follow the Newbie Routine and you’ll see and feel a difference, I promise.

A BIG WELCOME to you energizer_ny.

Good to have you with us.

There are some good people here, so I know you will enjoy it

and get good support.

Good PEing!

Started 4/9/07: Bpel 4.438 Eg 3.750 - Fl 3.750 Fg 3.500

Now 07/08/09: Bpel 5.625 Eg 5.875 Fl 4.625 Fg 5.813....Goal: Bpel 7.500 Eg 6.500 - Fl 5.500 Fg 6.000

"PE inorder to give more Happiness & Joy to yourself AND others!" Panos *** "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Eleanor Roosevelt.

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