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Hello all newjelqerection


Hello all newjelqerection


I’m a newbie and have just started a basic newbie routine. I’m 23 years old and having a small penis has been a real crippling effect on my social interactions with girls. From the fear of rejection, being laughed at.etc just all the plain head games embarrassment that haunt us less endowed males. My length is only a little about five inches but my girth is the really depressing area. Lets just say I can fit it in a toilet paper roll (while erect) and it will fit loose. I believe most guys can’t even fit theirs inside one when erect. I’d like to gain maybe an inch more on length and well any girth gains would be a blessing.

Are any of you in the same boat as I am and can offer some good advice or success stories. My motivation sometimes lacks when I let myself get discouraged, but I try to stay positive by reading others success stories. I believe I’d have more confidence with growth.

One problem I’ve been having is maintaining my erection through out the jelq sessions. I can go for like 100 good jelqs then I will start to get soft. I don’t seem as horny or aroused as I used to be. I’ve found one way that helps if to watch a porno and pleasure myself for about 10 minutes but I do not come. I just work myself up and then go in the shower and do my session.

Thanks everyone,
I hope to have my own success story and a higher confidence down there.

Hey toms, Welcome aboard. Good to have you here. Wow, waitng a month before your first post. As you can see I couldn’t resist jumping right in….lol. (Thunder’s probably reading this and saying “You can say THAT again”…lol). I can barely fill a toilet paper roll. I thought it was impressive filling one after initially loking at the girth of one, but now I am not so impressed and want to bust one out. Don’t get discouraged, it’s a long road and if you are already discouraged there is not much hope. Keep reading and I am sure you will pick up that encouragement level. I know I did.

I have problems keeping filled during jelqs as well. So after 100 of them I do a quick jerking session to fill back up and then finish out with the jelqing session.

Keep reading those success stories so you’ll know how to pen your own when the time comes. Someday, someone else will be in your shoes reading your success story for encouragement. Keep at it and never lose faith.


Some suggestions:

Pay less attention to the success stories and more to your own routine once you find one you like. Don’t let anything get in the way of your daily workout. Fit in a rest day or two each week.

If you get 100 good jelks and then go soft, just do 100 and later in your routine 100 more. I have seldom done more than 100 strokes in one stretch and that worked fine. Try jelking with a lubricant. Feels more sensual.

PE is a long road; you have to bear that in mind.



Best of luck to you dude. There’s not much more I can add to whats already been said.

Not everyone here has enough girth to fill a toilet roll, and if they have then it’s most likely to be down to PEing.

I know exactly how you feel about being socially crippled with girls, I have the same problem, we are all pretty much working towards the same goal, I’m sure if you stick around you’ll see for yourself that this is one amazing site

Good Luck

Hey man, don’t let that get you down! I am about the same size as you and that is what will keep me motivated to continue PE! It also helps to date tiny girls- thats why I live in Japan Baby! I now date this unbelievable sexy fox, she is small- great size for me AND Mr. Johnson! Wait until we outgrow her.

Thanks everyone!

Just curious what kind of lube do you use? I’ve been using baby oil.
Also how often do you still masturbate? I’ve actually been doing best to only masturbate on my off days because I feel I can be more aroused if I hold back during the week.

What size is your girth? I think I measured right to 3.75 inches give or take. (Yeah I know, not much.)

I don’t even use lube and have had some growth, and I think that filling a toilet paper roll is a very thick girth to aim for!

I’m about the same size bro, just over 5” usually and it moves in a toilet paper roll (I can imagine), but sometimes I’m 7” erect and it’s really thick, I guess it just depends on the blood flow.

Good luck! This stuff definitely works so keep at it!

Look for a brand of toilet paper that has a smaller diameter cardboard tube in it! That is my PE tip for today.

……And what are you doing fucking the toilet paper. Save it for your girlfriend. :D

Sounds like you are on the low side of average Tom. Not really “small” if your almost filling a toilet paper roll thats not bad girth at all. I am only just filling one and I’m very happy with my size.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Hrmp, I suppose a lot of my issues may be in my head but I still want bigger. Not too much just enough to be happy with. I buy lifestyle snugged condoms because those fit, while the regular trojans and other brands just fit baggy or loose on my penis. I would just like to wear a regular condom and I guess be more secure in my size to the point where it’s not much of an anxiety with women anymore.

Welcome to Thunders tom,

I bet in a year you’ll feel a pretty big difference in the way it looks and the way you feel about it if you stick to the routine. Don’t worry about measuring except for the first time. After that, you can start noticing a difference in a few months. If you happen to miss a few weeks because of no time or whatever, don’t let that get you down either. Just jump into your routine again at a slower pace to work up to it. Good luck with the gains and let us know how it’s working out. -n_m

Sep. 2003: 7" bpel x 5" eg June 2004: 7 & 1/4" bp x 5 & 3/8" eg Jan. 2005: 7.5 x 5.5 Goal: 8x6 "I always knew pe existed but didn't know where to start, until I found Thundersplace."

I guess there are different brands of a toilet paper. The one I have has the hole 14 cm which is 5,5”.

Is it the one you are reffering as the girth standart guys?

I think this site is giving me more insight about penis. Until I got here I had the impression that am the only guy with the least penis. Hey am probably lesser or of the same size as you and has just started my regular routine exercises. But I must say am most inspired by the immense information and various testimonies to carry me through.

So keep your spirit up and will definitely get there.

Also with masturbation is it best that I aim towards going for 10-15 minutes instead of these 2-5 minute quickies. I admit when I go for 10-15 minutes it’s a great sensation but when I go for 2-5 minutes it feels alright, more like, okay got that over with.

Sometimes I feel worried that I don’t experience as much pleasure as most men when I masturbate.
I don’t know if it’s because of my small girth size? Or maybe I’ve been masturbating too much

Start: 01/26/2005

5.25" EL

3.75" EG

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