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Hello all newjelqerection


Go for longer lasting masturbation sessions. Short ones just train your brain that the quickest way to ejaculation is the best one. In bed, with a partner, things don’t translate the same way.



Originally Posted by toms start

I’m a newbie and have just started a basic newbie routine. I’m 23 years old and having a small penis has been a real crippling effect on my social interactions with girls. From the fear of rejection, being laughed at.etc just all the plain head games embarrassment that haunt us less endowed males. My length is only a little about five inches but my girth is the really depressing area. Lets just say I can fit it in a toilet paper roll (while erect) and it will fit loose. I believe most guys can’t even fit theirs inside one when erect. I’d like to gain maybe an inch more on length and well any girth gains would be a blessing.

Are any of you in the same boat as I am and can offer some good advice or success stories. My motivation sometimes lacks when I let myself get discouraged, but I try to stay positive by reading others success stories. I believe I’d have more confidence with growth.

One problem I’ve been having is maintaining my erection through out the jelq sessions. I can go for like 100 good jelqs then I will start to get soft. I don’t seem as horny or aroused as I used to be. I’ve found one way that helps if to watch a porno and pleasure myself for about 10 minutes but I do not come. I just work myself up and then go in the shower and do my session.

Thanks everyone,
I hope to have my own success story and a higher confidence down there.

I’m going to make this easy for you just like all the newbies. I know I appreciated all the help I got when I was a newbie, so I am here to return the favor.

First thing I noticed that you’re doing wrong is that you shouldn’t be erect while jelqing. You should be semi-hard at best. So be careful with that.

Work your kegels out. This will do quite a few things. It helps with your ejaculatory control, gives you stronger erections, and allows you to maintain erections while PEing.

Next, don’t feel bad about your size. Anyone makes fun of you, tell them to shut the fuck up. Then PM me and I’ll come plant a big mushroom on their forehead and see them try to utter the word small out of their mouths.

You don’t need to hear success stories and I’ll tell you why. This might very well give you everlasting willpower to stay with PE. “Whether you get a lot or very minimal gains, time with your penis is not wasted time.” At the very least your penis will be healthier and stronger, with more control even if you don’t gain a micrometer of length or girth.

One last piece of advice for you. Be confident, feel good about your dick. That is sexy to a woman. Size isn’t everything, because if you know how to use it, then size is just a bonus. If you need any help with your routine, just PM me.

Welcome Tom. As you can see there are so many helpful gents around here. We have a few ladies as well. Good luck on your goals.


Wow, XL. I know you didn’t need this or maybe even want it, but that was probably one of the best posts I’ve read yet. A lesson to us all.

Funny and smart. I want to be just like you when you grow up.


Thanks again everyone.

Everything has been going good so far.
I’ve been sticking with my routine and feeling actually positive and accomplished after each session.
I was curious though how alcohol and cigarettes can effect growth or does it not effect it?
On my off days I like to tip back the whiskey bottle and I do smoke cigarettes maybe 10-12 (cigs not packs) a day.

I have to admit reading this form helps get my mind in the positive mind state for PEing.

Start: 01/26/2005

5.25" EL

3.75" EG

The alcohol consumption coupled with cigarettes will in fact make your dick fall off. This is proven, here’s how it works.

The alcohol combined with cigarettes shorten your life by about 15 years. Therefore when you die (15 years to soon) your dick then falls off. The good news is, your already dead and didn’t have any use for it anyway. :)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Man, if I didn’t have a dick (even a small one, such as my own), I’d rather be dead!

Say NO to “Death Sticks”!

Ah, advice heard but not accepted. :)

We all have our vices.

I’m a product of too much bob dylan and tom waits.

Start: 01/26/2005

5.25" EL

3.75" EG


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