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Hello all, introduction and newbie matters

Hello all, introduction and newbie matters

Hello all,

I have a couple of newbie questions, but first, as I am “new” here, though to give a little introduction about PE in my life. (If not interested in the history go direct to the “———”)

I found out about PE a couple of years ago and with little information started with some pulling here and there. With no success and no idea about what I was doing, I quited with a couple of weeks. Later on I search more information and found a Manual on the Internet that gave me more information (can, if someone is interested, post the file) and started out with little consistency for about 10 months. In that time I kept searching for more information and got here, by that time I couldn’t register, but was always coming to learn some more. I stopped because of a injured and poor results, now when analyzing the facts think that poor results came from overdoing and hitting plateaus.

After a while Thunder’s was open for registration, so after that I had a encouragement to start again and that’s what I did. With so many information I took a while to “study” before I began. This was my latest try and I stayed with it for four months and a half, I was having fair results (considering my effort in the time). Nevertheless, once again, ceased PE.

Through that time I had gains, but because I started in my teen’s (I’m 20 now) I’m not sure if was normal or due to PE. Those gains were (in inches): 0,6 FL - 0,6 BPEL - 0,2 EL - 0,25 EG. Right before quitting was a little bigger in length. Anyway, that’s my history to now. During the time away I knew that I would come back for real and here I am after half a year.


I Started a week ago and this time I’ll be posting here to get help and to help. Even though I have a little history with PE, doubts will aways appear and here are my first few, hope you guys can assist me:

- When I do manual stretch (as in tutorial videos) I can not help my self to get a little harder like 50% or even little more. I would like to know what are the problems arise from that, besides the fact that it gets really hard to have a nice firm and long stretch. One problem is that after warming-up I already start with a 25% erection and then with time it will rise making me having to stop and take a pause. Does anyone have the same issue as me? And how to solve or minimize?
The problem is more often when stretching forward and up. If only stretching down this almost aways don’t happen.

- My routine includes after a 6 min warm-up a 7 min stretch, pulling 10 times (twice: forward, down, up, left and right) 25sec each and few seconds rest between. I use gloves and the grip holds fine. Another question is about those few seconds I give between every pull (about 7 sec) should I keep with it? This is long or short, or any suggestion at all?

Ok guys, that’s were my first two (from many) newbie questions, thank you and hope to “hear” from you soon.

PS. The % of erection is based on redbear52 post Hey guys, a couple of newbie questions. . Another thing, English is not my first language, I’m Using the “spell check”, but there may be times when my text may be confusing, you guys can ask me if something is not understandable.

Cheers and Thank you!

I think your English is ok, I can understand it.

About your questions:

1) Yes, anyone. Be consistent with your routine and the problem will subside; in the meanwhile, you could masturbate before doing PE.

2) The rest between pulls is ok.

First of all thanks for the reply marinera.

I’ll keep the 7 sec rest. Yesterday I tried the masturbation idea, it did give me some improvements, I could maintain in 25% for longer and in the upward stretch I got close to 50% but not more than that. Today is my rest day, I might try again and see if this keeps working for me (in this period that I will be accustoming to the routine).

I will give some feedback after a few weeks being consistent with my routine. Hope it works and subside with time.

Welcome and good luck, LeCorreio.

Thank you RandomGiant.

Little feedback:

Masturbation seems to be working fine as a temporary solution. In a few days will stop doing it too see if I can stay soft with out this “maneuver”.

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