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Hello all, I am new


Hello all, I am new

I am new the forums.

I look forward to talking to all of you who share (shared) my problem. I really hope this forum helps me overcome it.

My size is so horribly embarrassing that I don’t even want to post it here. My girlfriend who I like a lot, and she likes me a lot as well, wants to sleep with me. I made up some bullshit answer why I can’t right now. I felt so bad that I almost cried. I hate that I can’t perform for the person I like the most. Also I have premature ejaculation. I don’t know what the hell I am going to do about that :( .

I am 6 feet 2 inches tall. I weight 210 lbs. I am physically fit. I know my girlfriend expects a lot from me.

Sometimes I feel as if I was destined to be alone.

OK, ill stop my rant now. Once again, I hope this site can help me.

First off: Welcome to Thunder’s Place :) This site can help you.

Just, be relaxed and take patience for this special “journey” you’re starting :)
Gains will come, but they needs time. It’s normal. The kegels will help you with the premature ejaculation problem.

About your girlfriend.. I don’t know, maybe if you love her, and if she loves you, you must tell her something: “you don’t like your size, but you’ll do everything possible to gain a bigger one”. Don’t talk about PE, just say this.

I can understand, it’s frustrating, but you could lose her before, with your “strange behaviour”.

Any consistent change needs time, but you’ll be a better man: you’ll finally start to love yourself.

Good Luck.


You’ve found an excellent site to help, with many knowledgeable people. Check out all you can on the newbie forum…and good luck with your gains!

Welcome. I am kind of new here myself, but I love this site.

Keep coming back!

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Welcome to Thunders where you will find support for all your perceived problems, and more you haven’t thought of yet.

You have premature ejaculation? A lot of guys here have that, too. Premature ejaculation is the single most-commonly expressed sexual complaint, around the world. Forty percent of the men you pass on the streets of NYC have it but they’re not going to share that with you. It is talked about a lot here at Thunders. Start by using the Search button: write ‘premature ejaculation’ and you will come up with a pile of stuff to read.

You are very tall? Even normal cocks look small on very tall guys, especially to the tall guy looking down at his own. It doesn’t help us tall people at all that there is an awful, fake myth going around that tall guys have longer cocks. Well, we can’t make you shorter but maybe we can help make you longer and thicker. Maybe even help you see that you are no smaller than a whole lot of other people here at Thunders are.

Your girlfriend wants to have sex with you and you are afraid to try? Is this about “performance anxiety” or the fear of ridicule from her? My bet is that she is not thinking at all about how big you might be, rather she is enjoying the intimacies of the relationship she has with you so far (she is very attracted to you, obviously, and for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with your penis especially). She is just looking to deepen the level of your intimacy by your having sex together. If you are fearful about getting it up in your anxious state, ask your doc for a few Viagra or Cialis; odds are he’ll hand them too you, free. If Viagra, that might even hold you off longer from ejaculating. That is one of its frequent side effects. After a few good times, you can put the V away.

For starters, and I know it sounds like a pain in the neck for you, but how about requesting a name change? Thunder can do that for you in a snap. The one you picked is really a downer-sounding name. “ireallyneedhelp.” Now really, what are your new friends here at Thunder’s going to call you as a nickname? “i”? “irnh”? “need”? I can’t think of any part of that moniker that is either fun or easy for us who are pleased to talk with you. Also, how is that name going to look 6 mos. from now when you don’t feel glum anymore? Maybe change to something a little more optimistic? Like at least, “ireallyneedhelpoptimistic”? :)

A lot of PE (and sex) is a mental thing. You gotta have hope. And you have to express that hope to yourself. And as you move along the road of PE you have to focus on what you can have someday, not only on what you perceive yourself to have today.

OK. That’s the end of my own rant, for now. But if history repeats itself, as it often does here, Thunders guys are going to be on you like beige in a hotel ballroom, encouraging you on.



Hey ireallyneedhelp,

Welcome to Thunder’s. Step back and take a deep breath. You got it? Good. Now, no doubt there are thousands of guys who have been in your position, and most of them are probably members of this very site. Why? Because we support one another. Listen to advocet. He is a very wise man. Don’t be afraid. Embrace the opportunity to be with the one you love. If she really does love you then just being with you will be gratifying enough.

That being said, you are probably not as small as you think. Please post your stats. We are here to help, not laugh. If anyone does make fun of you I will hunt them down and kick their ass, right after Thunder bans them. We don’t stand for that kind of behavior. Encouragement and support is what you will receive here. I never imagined I would make friends whom I have never met, but making friends here is just so easy. So please reconsider posting those stats. It will make it easier for us to help you I think. If you still don’t want to then go to the PE Database linked at the bottom of this page and take a look around. I am willing to bet that thee are many here that are the same size as you.

Lastly. Thunder’s Place can help you. It takes patience and dedication, but it can and will help. Start with the Newbie Thread and then go from there. Read as much as possible, then read some more. If you can’t find the answer to a question you have, then ask, and I am sure we will do our best to answer it for you. This place is all about people helping people. You will never regret being a part. That I can promise.

Good luck.


If you really like this girl and she likes you then you have to be honest with each other. Don’t base your relationship on “bullshit” or it won’t last.

You just have to tell her that you are bashful in the sex department. That you get embarrassed when you are naked because you are not the world’s best male specimen. If she really likes you she will help you out with your inhibitions.

Most guys like to see a big set of boobs on a girl. Our mates might not have the biggest racks but we still love them. They have to have something else besides big tits like; intelligence, sense of humor or a terrific cook. My old lady and I had 4 kids together. I know I don’t have the biggest swantz in the world. Probably not even in this little office building. But it works obviously.

As far as premature ejaculation. PE has helped me with that. Just don’t try to live up to the endurance of a porno star.

"Drunk chics dig me."

I am so proud to be a member of this “secret society” of PE Practitioners. The support that flows forth for one of the members in need is among the best attributes of the assembled membership.

IRNH, Please consider Avocets advice and think about changing your handle…positive thinking is a big part of PE.

As far as mastering that premature ejaculation thing, it is something that can be handled with LOTS of kegels squeezes. Much improvement can be made by strengthening your BC muscle. Use the “search” option on Thunder’s home page to find out more.

Welcome and good luck in your PE adventure, you will find help here, but the main contribution to your success will come from you!

Okay I am going to give my opinion on this situation. Your girlfriend should like you or love you for who you are, not what you’re packing. I know you probably think she is going to laugh and if she does then you’re better off without her. Let me put it to you like this, PE and women is like money and women. If they will stick by you when you’re poor and stick by you when you’re rich then they are a good woman. And if she sticks by you and is supportive of you while you’re “small” then she is a good woman. Otherwise it is like a woman who is only with a man because of his money.. It is the same exact concept. So if she ditches you because of your size you send me a message and I will send you one back with my phone number and you give her my number because I have a couple of things I would like to say to her about her ditching you because of your penis size. Don’t forget man there is more than just you’re penis you’re equipped with. Perhaps you should learn some techniques to eat pussy if you feel bad about it until you have gained some and start feeling good about your penis size.

Like I said before, if she leaves you for your penis size you’re better off without her, seriously. And if she does, after a year of PE when you have gained some size you can smack her in the face with it and say, “See , I don’t need your support.” But yeah man cheer up, be realistic, you can’t honestly put off having sex with her for a year while you do PE. If she says something, explain to her you’re working on it. If she laughs and makes fun, give her my number and she will sleep with the fishes, lol. If she dosn’t say anything at all and you’re still curious what she thinks, ask her, it’s the only way you’ll ever know. And don’t let her pull that, “It is fine with me” and ” size dosn’t matter” crap and get off easy, really force her and make sure if she says that it is the truth.


Thank you all for the replies. I have never received such a warm welcome.

As for my girlfriend I know for sure that she wouldn’t care about my size. I know she just wants to be with me. However, I feel that it is my duty as her boyfriend that I must satisfy her as best as I can, even though she doesn’t expect it. (That is another reason why I like her so much)

About my handle, I think I would put in for a name change :) I was really depressed when I created my account and that just came to mind. If Thunder is reading this then can you please change my handle to.umm.”accolade” (that is the name of one of my favorite songs :) )

I am about 4.5 inches long and 4.5 inches around my penis. (I measured my length from a top view). For my fit, that is very small if you ask me.

My goal is 6.5 inches long and 6 inches around. (Is that reasonable ?)

Once again, thank you all for replying and I hope to talk more :)

I also noticed that this forum has a variety of discussions on men’s sexuality. I am sure I will enjoy this site :)

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To be honest, you are not that bad off, I have seen people smaller than you do PE and hit the 6.5 mark. My suggestion is work on the length first. Do not rule out the jelqing all together but focus more on your length and maybe even extend your length workout but keep the girth workout the same. I personally do a little 5 minute stretch in the morning along with 100 jelqs, then again in the afternoon, and then again at night, this totals 300 jelqs and 15 minutes of stretching per day for 2 days on and 1 day off, it just seems like the perfect beginning workout for someone who is going for length. I break it up into multiple sections just because it makes more sense to me and I can be sure that all of the stretches are at the max they can be (as opposed to stretching for 15 minutes all at once and after 10 minutes your hands tire so you slack off the last 5 minutes). Also have you considered taking pills along with your exercises? I did at one point and wow it helped alot. If I remember correctly I took ArginMax which you can get at Wallgreens or Pretty much anywhere that has a pharmacy. You can also order the Pro Solution Pills , they we’re a bit pricey for me though. Also consider wrapping while you’re just laying around or at work or whenever. I carry around an ACE bandage and some tape in my pocket all the time just incase theres a chance I will be stuck somewhere a while. Have you already done a workout yet? Have you decided whether or not to tell your girlfriend what you’re doing? Of course sleep with her first, kind of weird talking about your penis if she’s never seen it. But you would be suprised at the responses you will get from a girlfriend or a wife as I am sure many men (and even women) will tell you on these forums. I told my ex-girlfriend, she didn’t understand why I was doing it, but she was supportive about it. To be honest I have NEVER read a story where a guy tells his girlfriend or wife and she laughs or dumps him or it causes a divorce, and I have been on alot of PE forums. But if you have not done your first workout, I DEMAND you get off the forums and go do it now.

Good thread and I have to say is this is what Thunders is all about, guys helping guys. Period!

Originally Posted by SNM
Good thread and I have to say is this is what Thunders is all about, guys helping guys. Period!

Yes it is and so far I am VERY impressed.

Thank you TunderSS for changing my user name.

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Originally Posted by accolade
My goal is 6.5 inches long and 6 inches around. (Is that reasonable ?)

Accolade (great new name!) that is a reasonable and attainable goal. In fact, I believe you will get there and keep on going. Look through the PE database and you will find a lot of people who have made nice gains. Keep in mind this is a long term commitment and don’t expect miracles overnight. For what it’s worth, stretching exercises have helped me quite a bit.

Good Luck,


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