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Hello all, could anyone help me out?

Hello all, could anyone help me out?

Ok so ive been coming on and off this site for around a year now and I keep coming back with the same problem. I always get a little boost of confidence when i come here for advice, thats why I like this site so much, it is a great help to me.

So im very insecure about my size but my main problem is that whenever i do manage to end up in bed with a girl, i get so nervous that i can never ever get an erection. It has happend a few times now and it is so embarasing I just want the ground to swollow me up. Im only 23 and getting an erection is not a problem when im alone.

I was thinking the best thing to do just to get me through my first few times would be viagra or something like that. Can anyone tell me where I can get it in the uk asap? any other advice on your first time or how you actually get your penis inside the vigina, im just so worried im going to fail on every aspect of sex.

Thank you all

Originally Posted by gainerihope
im just so worried im going to fail on every aspect of sex.

That’s the problem right there. You’re going to have to find a way that works for you to stop worrying so much!

When you are young, sex is mentally a bit different than when you get older and get into the groove. Inexperience causes all sorts of mental hangups either pre-post or during sex. Just try to get it in your mind that it’s just for fun and not a final exam to see if you pass and will never get another chance.

Pay a lot of attention to the girl you are with and take your time. Spending a half hour heavy petting should give you time to relax and get excited.

Good luck!

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Thanks onenekkidguy, I understand what your saying, and at times I can get an erection from heavy petting but as soon as I go to insert I go all floppy and cant get it in. I just want to use something to get me through the first time then I think I will have the confidence.

Try having a drink or two before sex. Not getting drunk, simply relaxed.

I use to have a similar problem - but trust me, it will go away. What you need to understand is that it is not an exam, it should be relaxed pleasure for both you and your partner.

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Originally Posted by gainerihope

I’m just so worried I’m going to fail on every aspect of sex.

Thank you all

Can you learning driving if you are too scare?
Can you join the army if you are afraid of war?
The same answer apply to woman, if you are too scare you actually going to lose confident and end up failing.

Girls are also thinking the same negatives thoughts that we have like: would he like my ass? Would he like my tits? Am I too fat for him?

My advice is find someone who falling in love with you and this girls will change your thoughts and also keep PEing

Thanls for all the advice people. Could someone please tell me where I can get some sort of Viagra or other stimulant in the UK?

Ok ill try that. I just didnt think my doctor would give me Viagra just due to not getting an erection from nerves.

Another thing that might help you is that for most women average is fine while bigger than average is better. As long as you can measure up to being fine or adequate you should have nothing to worry about. In the meantime just keep PEing and you’ll soon have a cock you can be proud of!

The next time you have a sexual encounter be selfish just for once, forget about pleasing her and focus on pleasing yourself. Do what comes naturally and go with the flow. If she see’s you enjoying yourself she will also enjoy the expirience unless your hurting her. If you focus too much on trying to give her what you think she wants it will just end up in disaster.

I don’t think i’m confident i just don’t care what anybody thinks or says. I do what i want in bed sometimes it last over an hour sometimes it lasts a few minuites. As long as you don’t look all shy and embarased doing it she’s not going to think any less of you. Practice makes perfect and this is what you need.

P.S. search for “buy viagra online” on yahoo or something. Getting it prescribed by a doctor will cost you a bomb!

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This is all about being comfortable with yourself and your size. I have a friend who just lost his virginity and he is 20. He was very open with girls and always let them know he was a virgin. It was a normal thing for him. He was comfortable with himself being like that and when he finally lost it the girl already knew what she was in for. He had no performance expectations because it was his first time. You have to start somewhere!

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Originally Posted by gainerihope
Thanls for all the advice people. Could someone please tell me where I can get some sort of Viagra or other stimulant in the UK?

There is lot sites in UK but remember Viagra is like coke once you start you will never be confident without.

Stay away from it!


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