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Hello again

Hello again

Hello again, I’ve not been active on this forum because I’ve not had any Internet for months, sorry about that, you are all a great bunch of peeps ;) .

I’m looking trough the forum a bit to aid me in my quest to gain GIRTH!

I think I need some guidance for a beginner, at the moment I’m only doing dry jelqs which I suppose ain’t enough? Sometimes it does look bigger and when I did it once before sex without my girlfriend knowing it, she asked in a joking way if I’ve used a penis pump, that was nice to hear actually, that she sees results. Either it was results from previous jelqs or that jelq I did before sex (which wasn’t much at all, like 5 min tops).

Anyway, back to topic.

I’ve read trough the forum a bit as I said above and I took notice of something called Clamping, interesting indeed and as I understand it you put it on your penis when it’s fully erect, my question is why? If I clamp my penis, will that somehow improve my girth?

I’m also wondering about “warming up” before doing any exercises, I must say I’ve never warmed up before and I took notice of it on the first page as it was in italic, well anyway, how should I warm it up? I always do my jelqing in shower, maybe I shouldn’t?

Oh, and I’m wondering something, you guys know that myth about men with big feet got big penises, is that really true? And do tall people usually have bigger penises?

Just curious :) .

Feels great to be back!

Thanks in advance!

The height thing is BS. be careful with the clamping.

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Thanks for the replies, actually I searched before asking but I had trouble finding it, not sure, might have used the search engine completely wrong :( .

Thanks for the replies anyway!

This should help with searching.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Thanks twatteaser, great thread.

Got a question though, is it ok to lean my penis downwards when doing jelq exercices? When I do it I get this feeling in my glanse, hard to say what it feels like but it reminds me of peeing actually, is it a good or bad sign? :P


If it reminds you of urination perhaps you’re stretching or putting pressure on the urethra. That’s not necessarily bad, but you might want to adjust your grip so pressure is applied more to the sides and top of the penis.

Thanks westla, I’ll do that.


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