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Hello again

Hello again

Hi everybody, I joined this forum a couple of years ago and have trawled around quite a bit, but recently I have committed myself to reading as much as I can and I’m starting the program. Right now I’m 6.25” bone pressed erect, and 5.25” girth. Flaccid I didn’t measure, but it’s small in both dimensions — one of my major goals is to improve that. Anyway, I am very fired up and I will post stats on my progress on the first of every month. I hope I can get as good a result as many here have. If the collected wisdom will indulge two questions:

1) Is the Bib hanger still available for sale? I can’t find that anywhere.

2) How long should I do the newbie routine before I start hanging? I plan to go for length first and then hit the girth.

Thanks in advance for any help and encouragement, and I look forward to joining the “gained 2” club”!


You want to check out too, fantastic product and great reviews too!

2) I’d do the newbie routine for at least 3 months before even deciding if you want to hang, you may turn out to be a fast gainer!

Good luck on whatever you decide :)

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Yes, definitely check out the Redi-stretcher before investing in the Bib. Although I haven’t tried this device yet, it looks really good to me, and is getting terrific reviews. But you may want to consider this hanger especially if you are starting out with a small flaccid, and I’ll tell you why. I started out with the Bib Starter, because my flaccid wasn’t big enough for the production model. Now because I’ve gained a lot of girth I can no longer keep the Bib closed, as soon as I lower the weights it pops open dropping 20 pounds of lead clanging to the floor and a few times onto my feet. If your flaccid is not long enough to accommodate the Production Bib, you might want to look into this new device. I’m only clamping now (semi retired) but if I resume hanging it will be with this new device.

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