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Hello , a newbie here

Hello , a newbie here

I haven’t started any PE yet , for now I’m doing’ kegels and some reading about PE
‘Cause I do not want any damages to my precious :)
This would be my goal ( nothing’ special , just ideal )

What do you think , how much time & effort I need to invest to reach my goal.
I have also heard/read that when you stop with jelqing/stretching , everything restore

First of all ROFL, you got that chart from penissizedebate dot com. What a load of bullsh*t. Second, Welcome to the forum. Start off with the newbie routine to condition your penis and then after you can move onto the other, more intense exercises. PE can take anywhere between weeks to years. If you are not going to be consistent then this is not for you. Also, make sure you do no PE on your rest day because it is on these rest days your penis grows.

Hello to everyone!

I am very happy that I find forum like this one. I hope it will be useful to me! Well, I will tell you later about my goals and that things when I read a little about exercises. Bye


I’d say you’re about six weeks out from your goal, judging from my own limited experience. Just give it an hour and change each night (or morning). That includes the warm wraps.

However, it might take you a week, or 6 months. All I can say is try it, and if you really do it right you won’t be dissapointed.


Two new members with the prefix bingo? Must’ve been in the air today!

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