Heds questions

Good Day ThunderSS,

Great post.. That was really helpful.. I’ve tried some of the videos at home and I found it very convenient to perform. However, I’m quite alarmed with my situation recently considering that I’m still 25 years old and have to be on this situation. I thought this would be the most reliable and helpful site for me.

My recent recent sexual encounters is aweful.. I could have erection during the foreplay but could not keep it when I’m attempting for entry.. And boy I can’t get a hard on with a condom..

I wanna know how could I improve my erection at the same time get back my penis sensitivity.. I could go to physicians for this type of consultation but very few can give advice and even solutions on these concerns, plus tests and references and professional fees that will drain anyone’s pocket..

I tried also to post some inquiries but it seems that I always end up with this “You may not post new threads”. I wanna know when I can.

Thanks a lot!