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Heavy Traction ADS for 12hours

Heavy Traction ADS for 12hours

Hello Everybody!

I’ve been looking for a way to ADS +12 Hours with heavy traction.

Some people relate that they are able ADS for 10~12 hours with sets of 1~2 hours, but this is only possible(with my experience) if you do not have much traction, otherwise you probably will have some pain between 40~1:30h and will be forced to pull the device out and give a break of 10~20 minutes.

BUT the main issue is that even pulling the device out every 40~1:20h I started to have problems after the 2º to 3º set:

1. The head skin(urethra, glans) start to get too sensible and too soft(because of the VAC pressure) so on every set after that, I start to feel some pain and discomfort after 20~30 min, so to be able to heavy stretch again I must give a break of 1~2 hours.

2. I can have some red and purple spots on the head causing pain after heavy longer sets(1~1:30h)

3. And worst problem is to form a blister(for not respecting some limits and trying longer sets, more than 1:30 hours with heavy traction)

PS.: If any experienced member have any clue of what I can do to achieve +12 hours of quality heavy ADS, I’ll be glad to hear

Oh snap I thought you had the answer ^^
I think you need to work on your attachment skills. Which vac ads do you use? Some use a silicone sleeve over the glans. Monkeybar, a user on here, has some products about this problem.

When you speak of heavy traction. In what range do you mean?
If you mean more then the usual extenders then it will always create problems after some hours. I cant possibly think of a solution that has the attachment point on the head. Some hangers you can attach at the base like the bib.

You can also check out golf weights. Search golf on the forum. But they might not qualify for heavy ads..

Yeah I thought he had an answer as well, I’ve been trying to start ADS but I’m trying to make my own contraption, which hasn’t been too comfortable so far.

Dickerschwanz and SwedishMeatball

Sorry for disappointing you, hehe =P

My VAC ADS is a Penimaster Pro and I use it with the Belt Expander in the Hip Belt position
Just like this video:…n-Hip-Belt.html

Dickerschwanz, Where I can find the silicon Sleeve you talked about? It seems to be the next thing I’m going to try

I already tried the 3M tape thing, but Penimaster chamber is very tight and I can’t suck my dick into the chamber if wrapped with the 3M Micro pore Tape
I also tried to use a lot of skin protection cream to help with the problems I listed above, but it helped maybe like 40%, But I still have the problems

No problem :D

I just wrap my dick and attach a string to it which I wrap around my leg, I figured out a good way with a hair tie to attach it, my make a picture showing how. The only problem is I get some discomfort and it becomes impossible to wear it for longer than 1.5-2 hours, I believe I need to wrap more to make it a little more comfortable.

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