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Heating with IR light

Heating with IR light

Hi, I have 2 questions for those who know about using IR light.
I recently incorporated IR light to keep my unit warm throughout my workout.
I feel that temperature is between 35C to 45C and my girth workout is better
Than without IR light.

1. Is it harmful to look at my penis while working out?
I never look at it directly though.
2. Do I need to warm down in between sets?

Your present and future questions can be answered with the “search” button at the top right of the page. This thread has 3 similar ones in the recent past, and I know the answer is in one of them, because I read it myself. Learning the search function now will save you time and hassle in the future. :)

Don’t stare into the bulb, but looking at your skin doesn’t hurt anything. It’s just red light. Search for “IR” or “infrared” and you’ll find some things. I remember one good thread here that talked a lot about it. You can find more good stuff doing searches.

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Thanks for the pointer.

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