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Heating source

Heating source

I recently got a thermalon pad that I can microwave. It is very similar to a rice sock. I figured it would be great. I hate the idea of it though, because bits and pieces of dust or whatever the material is made of fly off of the sock, so I do not wish to use it anymore. Has anyone tried the icy hot sleeve?

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Why don’t you just use the rice sock? I’m not sure I understand why you would want to purchase something that does the same job? And I would be very leery of the icy hot sleeve on your penis, that’s like tender skin, and Icy hot will burn. That may be one of those I have to learn it on my own situations.

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I am afraid of it getting onto my penis skin and drying it out or entering my urethra and it ruining my penis.

How would it enter your urethra? Dude. Let me tell you. I’ve tried a shit ton of heating methods because I wasn’t down for the rice sock. I even went to CVS Pharmacy and bought some “electric back warmer” thinking it would be effective. The rice sock is a God. You just stick it in the microwave for a minute or two, wrap it around your dick, and then prepare for a mean stretch. When I jelq, since I jelq in the bathroom after shower, I use the hot water from the shower for jelqing. But for stretching, rice socks are mad good. Just try it out a few times before you waste any money on anything.


I mean for example, I slapped it ontop of a desk and dude there was a ton of small microscopic white stuff. There is also kind of like a sleeve because you’re supposed to put it around your arm. I put it around my penis. I just don’t want to get microscopic particles that can be harmful lodged in my penile tract.

Keep in mind. It is NOT the same thing as a rice sock as in a sock full of rice. It’s supposed to be like innovative technology and stuff, so it’s not normal material and thus I think it can be hazardous.

Yea I understand, I didn’t think about that. Well what microscopic stuff is, is starch. I guess you could wash the rice thoroughly, let it dry, then put it in the sock. This would help get rid of all that stuff. I actually do this before I cook rice; rinse all the rice through water a couple times, to get all the excess starch off.

oh I see. Well than screw it. Stick to what is known to work. I took a thick sock, almost like a ski sock, but a little less long, and less thick. Filled it with a lot of rice. It takes a little longer to heat up (more mass), but this gives me the freedom to wrap around, take it off for a big, and put it back on, and it stays warm the whole time.

Well fuck. I guess I’ll do that.

I’m not familiar with your microwavable pad. Perhaps you could wash it to rinse out the dust?

Rice socks are ok depending on what you’re doing. During first heating of the day they give off moist heat. The moisture quickly cooks out with reheatings. Be careful not to nuke it too long. Burned rice smells awful and can also either burn a hole in the sock or weaken it enough to cause a tear. Also, before applying, work the rice around to eliminate hot spots.

A heating pad from the old days before they became wimpified is a good long duration heat source. They are hard to find. Modern heating pads I’ve tried don’t get hot enough.

The very best warmup I’ve found is a soak in a hot bath. From an old post:

By hot I mean 114 degrees before I got in - f’ing hot! I’ve found any less than that temp doesn’t give me a good warmup. 112 is a waste of my time - might as well not bother. 115 is too much. 114 is hard to climb into, but tolerable. Water has a high specific heat, meaning a lot of heat is required to raise its temperature. A couple degrees difference in a tub full is quite a difference in the amount of heat.

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