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Heating Pads?

Heating Pads?

Hello everyone. I have been jelqing for about a month now, and I have been using a hot-water soaked wash cloth for my warm ups/downs. It has been working fine, but I wonder if a heating pad would do the job just as well. Today while I was at the drug store I ran across the heating pads and I noticed that there are two different kinds - one that you place in the microwave for a few minutes, and the electrical kind. Both say that they give off moist heat, (which is good right?) Anyway, my question is, is one kind better than the other? Does anybody have a preference or recommendation?



Hot Washcloth is more discreet, and cheaper. Its the standard as well. Stick with the washcloth

I put it on glass of hot water. But if you are going for the heating pad I think the microwave one is safer.

I use the moist heat electric pad for post PE routines. After a good workout I will put on a cock ring, the kind that goes around the whole member. Its adjustable so the circulation can be controlled to a certain degree. I will usually site there for at least and hour with the heating pad wrapped around it. Just a thought!



Just get the electric one….you change the settings and its little to no work.

The microwave one you have to re-heat often I think

I just wrap my heating (electric) pad around my shlong and watch a movie or 2 if I have time (like 4 hours total).

Also, you can use the electric one a lot easier on any other part of your body if you need it.

What are the dimensions (roughly) of your heating pads (everyone)? Are there smaller ones I can use than say a 10 x 14” pad?

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