Heating Fans and PE

I have been experimenting with PE for a while and found that the best way for me to get a good warm-up is to sit in front of a small $25 dollar heating fan that I purchased at an appliance store. I’ve tried heating pads, hot wash rags, and such in the past, but find the fan does the best job of heating the area. I like how the heat feels so much that I have been just leaving the heat on for the duration of my routine which consists of about 30 minutes total of: manual stretches (2 sets of 16 different positions, doing approximately 30 seconds each) , wet jelqing (I do about 200 using a brand name Daily Replenishing Lotion) and kegels. I’m careful not to let the fan or my body get too hot and I’ve never experienced pain, blistering, excessive redness or peeling during or after a PE session. My stretches feel more effective, and I notice extra expansion in girth and my glans during the wet jelqs. In the past during sessions without heat I have noticed irritation later, but I don’t experience this when I use the heat the whole time.

The day after a session however, I notice that my penis feels more “tight” or “compact” than usual, and my erection quality is lower than normal. I don’t get erections as fast and they seem to go away quickly. This goes away after 2 or 3 days. I have read some other threads that suggest I might be over training, so I plan to rest for a few more days and see how things feel, but I’m wondering if the prolonged heat itself might be a bad thing that may prevent long term progress. (I smoke too, so that probably doesn’t help me, but I’m trying to quit)

I read an article in a New York newspaper today that said that men who soak in a hot tub for 30 minutes a week risk becoming infertile temporarily if they do it every week for prolonged periods. I’m not sure if dry heat has the same effect. Anyone know?

If anyone else has experimented with using heat during stretching and jelqing (rather than just for warm-ups & warm-downs) I would really like to hear about it. I thought it would enhance my routine and also help to prevent injury, but I haven’t noticed significant additional gains yet. ( I would really like to. A girl I dated last fall described me as “a little small.” I think about that every time I piss and I hate it.)