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Heating and Edging

Heating and Edging

I will preface this with apologies in case this thread already exists. I did multiple searches and couldn’t find anything.

I have been doing the newbie routine for about 3 months now and feel really good about PE. I have done some reading about Edging and would like to try implementing it a bit into my routine. My first question is would you advise this for someone who is only 3 months in? And if so should I use my rice sock after I Edge or before? Of course I will do my 10 minute rice sock warm up regardless but I couldn’t find whether to do my rice sock cool down before I edge or after. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Its all a matter of, can your penis handle that much stress? In my eyed edging will get you really in tune with your penis and will shed light on your PI’s. And yes there is such thing as edging too much, even though it feels AWESOME.

I edge after my work out. Then I warm down. Its kind of like that one last flex in the mirror before you leave the gym. But that’s my penis, not yours. Figure out when edging is good for your unit, and really monitor your EQ, and PI’s

Happy PE-ing

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I don’t warm up when I’m performing the edge it’s just like masturbation but you have to hold for as much as you can, I have a limit of 45-50 minutes after that any tough will get me to the Point of no return, you can put it on your routine but what I really recommend you is to do it 1-2 time a week because it takes time if you know what I mean, 10min warm up/down 10min stretches and 20 min jelq that’s the newbie routine now add more 40 min of edge it’s 1 hour and a half.

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I appreciate the input fellas. Thanks


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