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Heater instead of hot wrap.


Heater instead of hot wrap.

I read on here that before exercising, one needs to use hot wrap / rice sock / heat pad on the area for 5-10 mins.. My question is, I have a small portable electric heater that I can put right under the desk, the area is a little elevated so when I pull the chair forward, the heat hits my member right on. Is this acceptable?


Hi nin0,

Hmmm, is this acceptable? Well, If you can warm up your whole unit then it will be acceptable :)



7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

I suspect not. You need to achieve deep heat for several minutes. I think a heater would be too superficial, especially through clothing (I assume). Personally, I prefer moist heat, and use either a cloth or the shower.

Thanks for the replies. Plustwo, it’s not thru clothing, I have my pants down and have the heat right on my unit. I assume it would be ok, because when I did it this way (my 1st time ever PE’ing btw) it heated up everything pretty good. I let it for a little longer then 5 mins, just to make sure. After I was done with the n00b routine (30 mins) I let it heat up for 10 more mins while doing light pulls and light 360 circular stretches.


I use an infrared light. 250watts

If you get an injury then you will know it didn’t work and I hope you’ll go with the tried and true way that has been found here. Rice sock!

You should be able to tell as soon as you start stretching. If you can’t get an extra inch or two with discomfort, you’re not warmed up enough. IMHO. For comparison, use a rice sock (or shower or whatever) one day, PE, then the next day try using just the heater.

Plustwo, exactly what I was thinking! I’ll use all methods and compare since I’ve already used the heater today. SNM, sounds like you’re wanting me to get an injury, you sadistic bastid! :P j/k I just didn’t have a rice sock or the other stuff.. I’ll be more prepared tomorrow.

small belated edit: “If you can’t get an extra inch or two withOUT discomfort…”

Just a quick update, I think the rice sock worked but I couldn’t really tell the difference between the two methods. The only difference I noticed was after I used the rice sock, the area was warm and a little condensation happened because of the mini steam from warm rice I guess. As far as being able to stretch it more, it was about the same. I used the heater during the exercise to keep things warm and after I was done, applied the rice sock for another 5 mins.. Overall, I think there is no difference, but somehow I prefer the rice sock better because in my mind, since the area is getting condensation, I’m believeing the heat is stimulating deeper and thus working better for the internals. Could just be psychological and/or wishful thinking.

Anyway, session #2 completed without incident! Tomorrow is my day off! Woohoo! :D

A rice sock saved my life!! They’re the best thing since sliced bread! This is my second go at PE and the first time I gave up was because 1) I got a girlfriend
2) Using a hot towel all the time was a real pain in the £$%

I did make 0.5inch EL gain but still stopped. What a mistake!

A message to everybody. Keep going no matter what because it sucks to be able to think ” how big would I be now if I hadn’t stopped the first time! “


The thing is to get good warm up deep. There are many reasons you should keep in mind when thinking of warming up, some of them :

1) Preventing injury
2) Getting good blood circulation
3) Getting a temperature that will help you expand the parts of your penis you want to expand.
4) Making the work out sessions easier.

For me, being quite a newbie as you seem to be (I am somewhere in the 40th day), preventing injury is the #1 reason to warm up. I don’t care so much about gaining as I do to keeping my penis at least as it is : healthy. Yesterday (as you can see in a topic I made in the newbie section) I got one of the nastiest side effects of PE called discoloration. The bad thing about it is that it seems to be permanent in most cases and having a differently colored penis (dark in parts white in other parts) for a long period of time (estimated in months, years or maybe lifetime) is something I do not want. There are many injuries that will be gone after you take some time off PE and many that won’t. Discoloration seems to be one of them and it is more possible to avoid it if you proceed carefully and warm up good. Do me a favour and search about discoloration…

So, my advice would be, do not experiment with different warming up ways since you are new and unconditioned, as much as you can, avoid experiments at least at the beginning.

About the heater, the way i see it, it has one major disadvantage : DRY.

Perhaps, warming up with a rice shock at start and at the end is the best way to go and having the heater near you while you work out will help keeping the temperature at the point you reached when you warmed up.

Anyway, as I said I am just new here and what I think is from short experience.

Good luck with PE ;-)

Glad to see you went with the rice sock. I believe the moist heat is the best. Good luck!

Thx for all the info guys! I really appreciate it. I agree that I shouldn’t be experimenting since I’m a n00b and should go with techniques that are proven to work. I looked up discoloration like you suggested WorkingOut and am reading as much as possible to avoid injury and such.

Originally Posted by bigwuggie
I use an infrared light. 250watts

That’s what I use. A word of caution, however: DO NOT LEAVE THIS LIGHT ON UNATTENDED! I nearly burned my house down as I came back to the computer room to smell something burning and my desk charring.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

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