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Hi there want to talk or ask about heat. I no heat is a big part in doing PE and gaining. I have been using red hot water in a jug and its been ok but want to find out any other ways of getting heat, was thinking about hot water bottle bad idea that will just burn you so as anyone got any ideas for me please.

IR lamp or Aladin bottle.

Rice sock, do a search on it, easy to make. Wife and I have a towel warmer. It is basically a large microwave.

Many small towels can be heated in a very short time.

Thanks I will have look to see what Ir lamp an Aladdin bottle are and were to get them if they will be ok to use. Rice sock I have just been looking on how you would make one but what rice would I be using can’t be the rice you eat surely not?

If you can afford it, buy a Thermi-paq heat pad at your local drug store or Target. They are around $10 .

It is a soft clay pad that heats in the microwave and stays warm for a long time. It has a Velcro strap so it will stay wrapped.

Good for your weenie or wrapping around your pump cylinder.

A gel pack is an alternative but they don’t last as long, so you have to replace them after a few months . The gel breaks down and the pads leak.

The clay pads seem to last forever.

I will have a look on eBay for the clay pads to see if could get some off there, not if we have a drugs store in England or if we do it probably called some thing else that I don’t on of thank you for help and good gaining

You can also find them on

I have just found some I think microwavable wheat and lavender leaf body wrap they any good?

rice+sock=best warm up tool ive come across

Can I buy one of them rice sock from some were or do I have to make one?

I just put some regular rice in a sock and tied the end. Stays warm forever after just two minutes in the microwave. No need for any special equipment and you can warmup while watching TV (or reading thunder’s :) ).

What I do, is I get a plastic Zip lock bag, and I fill it up with hot/warm water. It’s the best warming method I’ve tried.

I use a heat gun , but a hair dryer would do.

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I recommend the rice sock. Do not fill it too much, best is a half-filled sock that nicely snugs around your dick. If you are planning family apply to penis only - heat means death to the sperms!

Use any kind of rice but, in honor of Marinera, take Vialone rice for best results (ok, that’s a joke! any kind of eatable rice does the job).

Nuke it for 2min in microwave at 600W, and after initial heat-up store it in a closed plastic box. Like this it stays warm until you use it again for warm down.

Saves a second walk to the kitchen and 20W on the electricity bill :-)

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Instead of a towel, what about a hot bath? Would that work as well?

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