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Hey guys. Does anybody know if you are supposed to keep your penis warm during all exercises or do you have to do this just for the warmup? Thanks in advance for any responses.

Dear Retard:

Warm up before stretching and jelqing is a must. But if you can keep it warm during the entire routine that is even better. This is why I’m going to get a infra red lamp soon.

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I warm up before exercises and do not make brakes to warm up during exercises. It is difficult practically for me. Jelqing under the shower can help to keep warm during exercises. Jelqing when siting in warm bath can help also. But it is difficult for me practically.

Gidday mate!
I warm up at the beginning of workout and then before Jelqing and then for at least 10 minute after workout.
But I find I say warm anyway through the full routine- using Vas, it maybe why, don’t know.

I have read in a few threads about warming your balls as well - I don’t and was wondering should I and if so, why?

I have however found that sometimes my nob is cold to the touch (not during exercise) during the day and wondered if this is normal?

Good luck and mate, really, change the name.

I usually warm up for about 5 minutes before my PE then I take a hot shower right after for about 10-15 minutes. I find it lets my muscles relax and I feel great and refreshed. Try it out. By the way I use KY because it’s a bit thicker and more practical for my use.

Do warm up your unit prior to your routine.

If you are jelqing correctly your unit will be plenty warm during the routines through a certain amount of friction.

I have a heating pad that use to warm-up and warm-down. I was thinking about warming myself between stretching, jelqing and kegeling exercises. It’s a good idea, because you’ll be less likely to injure yourself. I’m not sure if warming yourself between exercises helps with growth, but if it does, I would assume it wouldn’t be too significant (but I’m only guessing here). The only way to find out is to try.


Most users say that using IR lamps is the best method for heating the penis for PE because of the deep tissue heat it provides, meaning the heat stays in the penis for longer. Traditional methods for heating during PE are also very good, such as the rice sock or hot wet towels. My advice to you is, if you feel you are losing heat during your PE session, you can always keep hot towels on hand to use between stretching sessions, or between stretching and jelqing. But always make sure you use heat as it is the key ingredient to gaining with PE.


I do not advise you heats your balls during PE, as too much heat to that area is said to cause a massive drop in sperm production.

19th Feb 2012

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