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While reading threads on this site, I have noticed many veterans emphasis on heat. I just started last week and right now I just soak a hand towel in hot water and wrap it around my penis before I start my routine and then again after my routine. Is this sufficient?

I have a heating pad, should I use it? How often do you guys reapply heat??

I know this might be a repeat question, but I couldnt find what I was looking for while searching the forums.

Thanks in advance for any replies

Well at least you attempted a search. I can’t help you with this matter but I am sure some nice guys will come along with an answer for you. Again, best of luck to you.

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Heat has done nothing but help me in terms of restoring circulation and keeping any injuries from forming from jelqing too hard. I use a washcloth before and after my PE routine regardless of the exercise. Once I am done with a set- it gets heated. If I start a new set- it gets heated again. The best heat is taking a nice hot shower and then starting a PE routine after that. Can’t be beat :thumbs:

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I think the heating pad is the best way to go, so I say use yours. Use it for 5 minutes or so to warm up before exercise and 5 minutes at the very end. Just wrap your cock in it, but try not to overlap the pad on itself too much so it doesn’t overheat.


You may wish to look into infa-red heating lamps, they are cheap and it’s a deeper heat.

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Heating the tissues temporarily reduces stiffness, making for a more cooperative unit. My preference is an IR pad. I use the pad with a light contrictor at the base which reduces blood (enhanced bloodflow takes away heat from the area). This allows for the heating to occur quicker.

Over time I’ve learned the exact feeling when I reach the right temperature, which is a very deep below the skin. With my particular pad and the above method this takes around 30 minutes and does not burn the skin. With a regular (conduction) type heat pad ro rice sock, care must be taken to heat the tissues without scorching the skin or anything else. It should never be uncomfortable.

A few days ago I tried the IR pad heating whilst clamping. This got tissues up to heat within a couple of minutes, but as noted in another thread, oxygen burned up pretty quickly in my unit making it go more purple very quickly, so care must be taken if using this route (by that I mean it’s not a ‘passive’ heating method).

As for how often to apply the heat; All the time would be optimal. For practical reasonsthis is often achievable though, so maybe every 10 minutes or between sets while your arms recover might be a reasonable protocol.

“You may wish to look into infa-red heating lamps”

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