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Heat Pad

Heat Pad

Anybody recommend a particular heating pad?

I recenly tried to use a heat pad that i got at walmart .. just a regular square one about 14’ by 18’

IT is better than no heat but it is pretty awkward to use because it is difficult to get the heat where it needs to go

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I use a walgreens heating pad, 12” x 15”. Printman is right in that it doesn’t deliver the heat as well, but since you just plug it in and leave it on your lap you can do other things until you warm up.

Also available at Walmart, I would recommend a Thermipaq 6”X12” microwavable heat pad. Holds the heat for a good 45 minutes and is very convenient to use. No electric cords and it doesn’t burn out like an electric pad.

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Second, Thermipaq

Ordered the Thermipaq. Thanks, guys.

I use my heating pad while I read erotic stories on my android. Gets the blood flowing and warms things nicely.

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I use Shinbio a Korean selft triiger heat pad and once it solidfies you just boil in hot water to soften it very convenient to use I like it

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