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Heat + clamping = growth in CC!?


Heat + clamping = growth in CC!?

“There is a theory that heated clamping makes CC gains easier because heat makes CC more malleable. Otherwise CS gets more expansion because it’s naturally softer than CC which are more rigid when cold, so to speak. Again, that’s just a theory I read somewhere, I don’t know how credible it is.” (From this thread: Patience…)

That might explain why the big gainers from clamping always grow in CS, not CC. Always wondered about that. This is a very interesting theory, and one that actually sounds plausible.

Clampers! Any observations if heat (preferably infrared heat) + clamping helps grow CC???!!! Would really like to know this! TY!

As my dick refuses to grow, I decided to grow my PE knowledge in the meantime. Knowledge is power… But to be honest I would rather be powerless and have a huge dick…

I think you may have linked the wrong thread !

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

I think heat helps with all PE.

2009 Bpel-6 5/8", Eg-5"

2011 Bpel-7 3/8", Eg-5 1/4"

2013 BPEL-7 3/8", EG 5 3/8"

I never use heat when I clamp and I’ve noticed a half inch in girth increase in a year and a half.

I have taken a rest from mechanical stretching since may due to an illness while maintaining the clamping and I measured length for the first time since may and I am pleased to announce that I haven’t lost any length at all.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Capernicus, it’s the right thread.

Allnighter, probably. But the theory here is that cc needs more heat than cs…

Are you sure ? the patience link is to a thread about new members :-)

Anyway I’m interested in this issue as well, the only girth I’ve gained from pumping has been in the CS and that was pumping in hot water so plenty of heat.
I’ve now switched to clamping and I still see most expansion in the CS, the best way I can see to target the CCs is with bends and such while clamped and flaccid exersises like bundled stretches, that my approach for now anyway.

Cap… I checked the linked thread before and it was correct, now it was not…??? I have never even seen that thread before. Now I can’t find the original thread. Moderators, what is happening? :)

Found it. On page 2 Upto7 mentions this:

Help using heat lamp.

But where does it come from? Source? Anyone experimented with this?

I started using a heating pad when I pump and have noticed more expansion and a lot less adema. I should have been using a heating pad months ago and I’m sure I would be seeing better gains. I know this this thread is directed to clamping, but I feel that heat does make a difference in CC expansion.

I have been using a heat lamp the last three clamping sessions and will be using one from now on. I find that I get less red spots and if I get them they go away a lot faster with the heat lamp.

I think that the heat is important but I think the bigger factor is that the CC seems to be so much tougher and less pliable to begin with than the CS, which is why the CS seems to and may very well expand much faster than the CC. So my theory is that the only way to get more even relative gains from the CC at least in my case, is to somehow try to isolate the CC more during sessions. I’ve been working on ways to do this using my hands during workouts, such as trying to put some pressure on the CS while not touching the rest of the shaft, thereby reducing the total volume of blood in the CS and increasing total volume in the CC.

It’s early to tell but so far it seems that my CC has benefited from this, feeling much plumper while the CS seems to be relatively static in size, certainly as compared to how I used to do it with equal attention to both sections of my unit.

My $0.02; hope this helps.

Current: 6 5/8" NBPL; 5" BG; 4 9/16" MSG

STG: 6 3/4" NBPL; 5 1/8" BG; 4 3/4" MSG

LTG: 8" x 6 1/4"

The CC:s have 2-3 layers of tunica, CS only 1. Maybe that’s why?

Keep posting! This is interesting, it seems much easier to gain in CS than in CC, but the potential is much greater in the CC:s.

Originally Posted by Crabman99
The CC:s have 2-3 layers of tunica, CS only 1. Maybe that’s why

I think that’s exactly why, heat will definitely help but my experience with clamping so far suggests how you clamp makes a difference.

Leaving clamped exercises out of the equation for the moment I have noticed the following,

When clamped it’s possible for the CS and glans to be super engorged but the CCs to still be spongy, this seems to be down to level of arousal and/or tightness of the clamp.
I have great engorgement of the CCs when I’m really turned on and the clamp is 1 click tighter than my starting point.
Edging and trying to stay as relaxed as possible does the job.

It seems to take at least 20/30mins before the CCs start to give up to the pressure and really expand so when you see that it’s worth extending a set by a couple of minutes to make the most of it.

The final thing I’ve found is that if the wrap is too thick or too wide it doesn’t seem to pinch of the blood flow so well.

I agree this is worth discussing.

Originally Posted by Crabman99
Found it. On page 2 Upto7 mentions this:

Help using heat lamp.

But where does it come from? Source? Anyone experimented with this?

I don’t know the exact source but I’m pretty sure I read it somewhere on this site. Again, it’s just a theory.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

capernicus1: Ok, that’s good information! How would you suggest to clamp for growth in CC instead of CS?

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