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Healthy Lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle.

Lately (for the past few months) my erection quality, and size has went down extremely. I sometimes go whole days without an erection, whereas few months prior, I could not stop getting them. This problem has been going on for a few months.

I am wondering what you guys do to make yourselves better? I am not going to start PE until I feel healthy again.

I need help with a steady diet, exercise, etc. Currently, my diet is filled with fast food and sugary filled snacks while at work.
I recently started drinking more water, and have thought about exercising again ;) . But after 10+ hours of work a day it’s rough ha ha. Also my sleep quality has went down also, I often find myself waking up doing something that I am worried about from the next day. (Sometimes I will get up and start getting dressed at 1:00am when I don’t need to be up until 7.) Morning erections? Pssh. Long gone.

I am waaaaay to young for this to be occurring. WAY too young.

All in all I want this thread to be helpful for those who are also looking to better their general health. Post your suggestions, what you do right, what you do wrong, What makes you feel best and all that good stuff.


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What is your job? That might be creating some of your problems.

Your diet is creating the rest. Stop the fast food and sugary snacks. There are plenty of threads about eating healthy.

Do you smoke and drink alcohol? A lot?

Are you drinking coffee late in the day?


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