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HEALING wounds and lesions from stretcher

HEALING wounds and lesions from stretcher

What’s up board,

I’m sure we’ve all run into this before. The little cuts and abrasions that form on the penis from traction devices and other PE. I currently use the static stretcher medium and seems like everyday I develop new abrasions. Then, I have to take a few days to a week off to heal them!

1.) What do you guys do to PREVENT cuts/abrasions using a traction device?
2.) How do you HEAL the cuts faster and faster?

Any skin stretching/preparation programs?

1) A wrap of some sort may help. Best solution is to invest in a better device.

2) Sleep 8hrs per night, take a multivitamin, have a good diet, exercise.

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Maybe take a weeks rest too as-well so your penis can recuperate, Join me in resting.

Thanks For All Your Help

And make sure you use an antiseptic on those abrasions, It’s nice and warm and dark down there, and bacteria love to dine in that sort of situation. And the tips they leave are not very good

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Use antisectic babypowder. And use less tension. High tensions with extenders are counter-productive.

Thanks for the tips.. What’s happening is my skin is lightly tearing and regrowing to adapt to the demands of the stretcher. In other words, my penis has outgrown it’s skin. A tip is to use “Wounded Warrior” with calendula in it (it speeds up wound healing.)

Burn victims with new skin have daily programs of stretching their skin so their limbs fit into the dermal grafts. Is there any skin stretching program for the penis that anybody knows of?

First of all it’s not normal to get cuts and abrasions from a stretcher, if this is happening everyday than you may need to think about a new style ADS.

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This is the first time in 2 years that I am developing tears/abrasions due to a stretcher so quickly.. It used to be at most once a week.

Possible reasons:
1.) Too much tension
2.) Penis outgrown skin

Feel free to add in any causes to abrasions you may have seen come up with a stretcher.

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