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Healing a suspensory ligament

Healing a suspensory ligament

Anyone know how to heal a weak suspensory ligament?
I have read about DMSO, and to combine it with vitamin C and MSM. Also, what about movement in that area, is it OK as long as it doesn’t hurt?

Thanks in advance.

What are the symptoms of a “weak” ligament and why do you think you have one?

Westla is right, give us more info. If it is a matter of erection quality, kegels are great for erections. But I’m just guessing here since you didn’t say what was wrong.

I experienced trauma to my erect penis many months ago, and it hasn’t been the same.
When I lie on my back my penis lies on my stomach, when it used to point straight up.
It almost feels a little “disconnected”. The erections are also not as powerful, but I can have sex with viagra and a cock ring, so I don’t complain, since it still works.
It’s very hard to describe, but the penis, when erect, seems a little loose at the base and too flexible.

Hope you get some understanding.

If you’ve had actual penile trauma you should be asking a physician, not the guys on a dick-pulling site. A urologist would be a good one to start with. Before you can determine what is your best treatment, you have to find out exactly what’s causing this “looseness” and weak erections. See a doctor.

I have this same problem where it feels loose. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason it hangs to one side more because the suspensory ligament is torn and doesn’t hold it from the left so it isn’t straight out but leaning to the right because that’s the only side that still has the suspensory ligament attached. I don’t think it’ll heal the only option is surgery most likely.

SO it doesn’t point at as high of an angle when standing. My guess is there was some erect length showing, but the unit is not stable.

My penis is curved up but I mean as in the suspensory ligaments used to hold it in place straight from both sides kinda like how 2 chains hold on to statues for lack of a better imagery. Now however it’s still curved up but no longer straight leans towards the right because the left ligament is torn.

The thing is though can I even heal a torn ligament? No right? And the only option I guess is for me to get surgery.

I dont really get it did you tear your ligament while PEing and if so how did it happen?

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