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Healing a suspensory ligament

Healing a suspensory ligament

Anyone know how to heal a weak suspensory ligament?
I have read about DMSO, and to combine it with vitamin C and MSM. Also, what about movement in that area, is it OK as long as it doesn’t hurt?

Thanks in advance.

What are the symptoms of a “weak” ligament and why do you think you have one?

Westla is right, give us more info. If it is a matter of erection quality, kegels are great for erections. But I’m just guessing here since you didn’t say what was wrong.

I experienced trauma to my erect penis many months ago, and it hasn’t been the same.
When I lie on my back my penis lies on my stomach, when it used to point straight up.
It almost feels a little “disconnected”. The erections are also not as powerful, but I can have sex with viagra and a cock ring, so I don’t complain, since it still works.
It’s very hard to describe, but the penis, when erect, seems a little loose at the base and too flexible.

Hope you get some understanding.

If you’ve had actual penile trauma you should be asking a physician, not the guys on a dick-pulling site. A urologist would be a good one to start with. Before you can determine what is your best treatment, you have to find out exactly what’s causing this “looseness” and weak erections. See a doctor.

I have this same problem where it feels loose. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason it hangs to one side more because the suspensory ligament is torn and doesn’t hold it from the left so it isn’t straight out but leaning to the right because that’s the only side that still has the suspensory ligament attached. I don’t think it’ll heal the only option is surgery most likely.

SO it doesn’t point at as high of an angle when standing. My guess is there was some erect length showing, but the unit is not stable.

My penis is curved up but I mean as in the suspensory ligaments used to hold it in place straight from both sides kinda like how 2 chains hold on to statues for lack of a better imagery. Now however it’s still curved up but no longer straight leans towards the right because the left ligament is torn.

The thing is though can I even heal a torn ligament? No right? And the only option I guess is for me to get surgery.

I dont really get it did you tear your ligament while PEing and if so how did it happen?

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Interesting info on tendons and ligaments I found

This is a brief thread regarding mostly ligaments but also tendons and is covering the whole range and not one area specific, so this can be used to boost our knowledge of the penile structures and how better to target it.

Firstly lets talk about ligaments.

The ligaments help to stabilize and reinforce your joints by connecting bone to bone. Your ligaments can take an enormous amount of force for a very brief time and if the force is not removed, the ligament will tear or rupture.

If a ligament is damaged it usually takes between eight to twelve weeks for it to regain its strength. During that time your joint must be protected and supported by either taping it or using a brace [Doesnt apply to PE].

When your ligaments are put under stress by incorrect stretching, they will gradually elongate. As the ligament elongates it becomes weaker and is unable to properly bind the bones of the joint that it is suppose to support.

If the ligament is continually put under stress by repetitive stretching beyond the ligaments tensile strength, it can become permanently elongated and can lead to chronic inflammation which may lead to arthritis.

Ligament healing times

Ligament injuries anywhere in the body are much more serious than muscle injuries. Muscles have a tremendous blood supply and heal very quickly. Even if the muscle injury does not completely heal, the only symptom that you would notice would be weakness in the muscle. With some exercise, even that symptom would resolve.

This is not the case with ligaments.

Ligament injuries are different because most of them do not totally heal Even if the pain resolves, the ligament will not be as strong as it was prior to the injury. Since ligaments stabilize the joints, by definition ligament injury produces a loose joint. If the ligament never heals, chronic joint looseness or instability results.

Injured ligaments do not entirely regenerate. Rather, they repair with scar tissue. Repair and regeneration begin at 48 hours to 72 hours post-injury, and continue maximally for six weeks.

Minor damage will heal within 7 to 10 days. More severe damage can take three weeks, and up to six weeks to be fully strong and completely back to normal.

What does this mean for us?

What this means is that with regards to the penis we’re in a very good position to take advantage of the ligaments healing and growth potential.
They elongate from intense stretching, which to us is more growth.

Ligament healing and growth would commence 48 hours from the damage to the ligaments, I say damage but don’t take as literal because the damage is good damage for us, a stress or stimulus could be used instead.

From those 48 hours it could take anywhere up to 3-6 weeks for the ‘damage’ to be healed and new growth to have occured fully.

What this tells me is that those who say you must stretch your penis everyday like 5 days on 2 off or 7 on and none off are actually missing the boat with this one as they ligs won’t grow any quicker from all that work placed upon them, with the minimum healing cycle starting at 48 hours post workout.

It would make sense to have a full day off from an intense length workout before starting it again. I usually take 2 days off after an intense length session and than get back into it again and I’m noticing good progress already from doing this in longer flaccid and erection length.

Ligament soreness is still present in my penile region from 2 days ago now, as I type this .. So that is telling you something about recovery, healing and than the growth phase. Doing too much is bad and you will yield NOTHING in gains as the body can only cope with so much before it says ”Enough is enough” and it works against you.

Knowing this information on our ligaments, which isn’t my opinion but fact and well known in the sports world can help us much more on our path to longer dicks.

Guys who do or did stretching everyday and gained well, how could one explain them for that? They had above average recovery and healing abilities or the stress imposed on the area to the ligaments wasn’t as intense to warrant the longer recovery phase otherwise they would not be able to do 7 on for years on end without a negative cycle kicking in at some point.

So think about it ..
Minor damage will heal within 7 to 10 days. More severe damage can take three weeks, and up to six weeks to be fully strong and completely back to normal.
Very intense stretching of the penile ligaments would not need to be done each day as you can see, ligaments take awhile to recover back to normal so those who seem to think that you must rush and be quick to prevent the ligaments from becoming strong and harder to work, is wrong as it takes 3-6 weeks for them to fully recover! And you can have days off, it would benefit you to take days off and rest but don’t think those days off are bad and that the ligaments will suddenly heal up and become stronger than before that quickly, because they won’t. Its like a 3-6 week window of opportunity to make the most of, this is what I think anyway.

Lastly tendons

I will briefly touch upon tendons because they are often misunderstood in the world of PE.

Tendons are the most inelastic connective tissue in your body, and they attach your muscles to your bones.

All muscles have a tendon of origin, which is attached to the more stable bone and a tendon of insertion which is attached to the more moveable bone.

Tendons are stronger than both the muscle and the bone covering that it attaches to. Tendons can be torn or ruptured if loaded beyond their strength but since they are very strong, what usually happens is the muscle tissue or the bone covering tears before the tendon.

What all this really means is that tendons can not be stretched.

Hope this thread has helped you guys

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