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Head of Penis cold = Dangerous ?

Head of Penis cold = Dangerous ?


I just started using the Penimaster, and I have noticed that the head of the Penis gets cold after about 10-15 min of stretching. Now, does this mean that I only can use it for 15 min before I have to take it of or can I keep using it for like an hour despite it getting bluish and cold ?

Look in the member section for my thread on //discomfort with your exender?//. You’re probably using too much tension to start out or not wrapping right. And you NEED to wrap, but not constrict.

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Discomfort with your extender?

Take it easy if you just started and don’t even think on doing higher tension like I was doing in my picture until you have a few months under you belt *Literally.

Yep, I wouldn’t! Better to be safe then sorry! Lol

Cold isn’t good.

Like they said: go slow, learn to wrap properly, and don’t use high tension for long periods of time.

You can use high tension for short term stretches. For long term it should be just enough to comfortably keep it in an extended state.

Don’t go crazy.

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