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Head Gains

Head Gains

Hi all,

I want to concentrate on just my glands at the moment, any advice. Been pumping for a while, but packing so no good gain there.

Any advice / where do I find a routine thread that has already dealt with this ..


PS how do I get the smileys on the page ?

If you’re new to PE I would propose going on the newbie routine first. With my limited experience I could say that for the beginning you can hold your grip, while jelging, below glans for an extra 5 sec. That will force the glans to expand a bit more than the rest of your penis.

When you condition your penis you can move on to other exercises.

The newbie routine is where it’s at for me, check it out at the top of the page

Originally Posted by dodge

PS how do I get the smileys on the page ?

Scroll down the page to the little box on the left headed ‘posting rules’. You will find a link to smilies.

It is generally considered very difficult to just grow the glans. For some, it grows a bit with their ‘normal’ PE routine. For some it never grows at all. I got small results from a clamping routine with the clamp about 3/4” below my glans. It was a lot of effort for a little return, and very dangerous to do.

I agree with TheDark, Jelq and hold has done nothing but good for me. My plans started out small but is now more proportionate to the rest of my dick. Only thing I hold it for 10 to 20 seconds.

After you get conditioned enough you can try Ulis. I think that’s a good way to expand your glans.

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