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Head Discoloration

Head Discoloration

Hi everyone,
I have bee PEing for 10 months now.
It is going good but I think I finally hit a roadblock.

Before I say what it is, here is my routine; (2 months in.)
- 10 minute warm-up
- 50 reps of A-Stretches (5 sec. Kegel, then 10 sec. Reverse kegel)
- 700 Jelqs
- Testicle Massage
- 10 minute warm-down

That is my new routine.

Before that I was doing; (8 months in.)
- 10 minute warm-up
- Basic Stretches (Pull-Down 10 sec., Pull-Left 10 sec., etc.)
- 500 Jelqs
- Testicle Massage
- 10 minute warm-down

Now what I have; the tip of my penis (head) is becoming discolored and is very obvious.
It is blue/purple and it pretty much takes up half of the tip. I am very worried.

I am not sure if I should take some time off. I took 5 days off and started again today.
My tip of my penis feels like it is on fire or something.

Any advice? I will really appreciate it.


What jelq method are you using?

Bloody hell that’s an awful lot of jelqs even with the new routine.

Too many I’d say. Do you just Jelq or combine it with another PE method ?

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To answer my jelq method; just a basic jelq and I sometimes bend it a bit.

I think I am just going to take some time off.

Sounds to me you just over did it. Take time off, a week or two, and gently massage your tip. Also use heat like a hot shower and massage it while the hot water is hitting it. This happens a lot with vacuum hanging. It happened to me when I first got my vac ads last year. Lower your jelqs to a few hundred.

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Thanks for the advice “bigtiny454”.
I really want to continue and dedicate myself to PEing.
I have put alot of time in, and I am not ready to stop any time soon.

I tried doing some PEing last night and regretted it this morning.
I will take everyone’s advice and take a few weeks off.

I will be sure to update everyone.. Pics will follow.

Thanks again

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