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Having trouble with libido at the age of 22

Having trouble with libido at the age of 22

Hi I just joined recently and have decided to start PE. One thing that’s really been bothering me for a long while is my libido and lack of hard erections. It’s gotten to the point now that I feel very disinterested in sex and am struggling to get erections even while watching porn, only after alot of stimulation can I get it up and even then it’s not at it’s maximum rock-hard length/girth and is just soft and weak. I can’t seem to understand why this is happening, I eat right and I lift weights frequently (4-5 x) a week so this shouldn’t be a problem right?? Even in my day-to-day life, when a attractive girl walks by, I don’t feel anything no matter how much I try to will myself to get an erection. I’ve been depressed alot lately and have started taking anti-depressants which reduce my stress but doesn’t solve my erection problem.

I just want to know.if I go on the newbie routine will I get my libido and more frequent full erections again?? That is my main concern, the other is improving on my EQ so I can feel like a man again, can the newbie routine do that for me?? And how long do you think before my problem is solved, while on this plan?

Are you taking any weight lifting supplements like 1-androsterone? A lot of these pro anabolics will decrease your sex drive. I speak from experience. I bought a bottle of testosterone booster after my cycle and my sex drive came back better than ever. I suggest getting a testosterone booster as long as it doesn’t interfere with any medications you are taking.

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Welcome whiteflash.

It’s hard to say if the newbie routine can fix your issue, because we don’t know what’s your issue is. Low libido is a symptom, it could have many causes (or multiple causes at the same time). PE properly done enhance EQ, hardness and frequence of erections, and, roughly speaking, hornyness. But if your low libido is caused by low levels of testosterone (just to speak for example), it’s unlikely that PE alone could be the cure.

I see at least two possible causes of your problem, basing on your post:

1) Too much porn. I think porn is like anything else: a little can be good, too much is bad. It becomes a surrogate of real life. And it tends to saturate your sexual drive also - literally, sex starts to annoy.

2) depression and anti-depressants. Both are bad for your penis.

Another possible cause could be general stress. If you train at the gym, do a job or study a lot for school, sometimes you don’t sleep enough etc., that isn’t doing any good.

You Doc hasn’t any guess about your problem? Maybe doing some exam could be a good idea? I’m not thinking to an illness, but you could get some hint about what is causing your problem.

Hey Whiteflash, I’m going through what you are right now too, I posted recently concerning my problem. You can see others responses here:

What the fuck is wrong with me?

I’ve been feeling better recently, stronger sex drive and erections, I think my problem was lack of nutrients (not taking a multivitamin). It’s too soon to tell if I’ve targeted the problem, but I’m hopeful. Other people commented on depression being the cause which may be more of where your problem stems. For me, I had a lack of sex drive, which bothered me, my drive got worse, which bothered me worse, and the cycle repeats. I never got so depressed that I was worrying about it all the time, partially because I didn’t have a sex drive and thus wasn’t thinking about it much. But when I did think about it, it bugged me a lot. Hopefully you can find some answers to your problem in the link I posted above.

Good luck!

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