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Having trouble keeping a partial erection

Having trouble keeping a partial erection

When I’m jelqing I find that I have to work to keep a partial erection. I’ll usually do about 10 jelqs, it will go down too much and then I’ll have to work up another partial erection. As a result of this, I only do about 100 strokes in about 10 minutes. I’d like to do more but it is just such a hassle to keep a partial after it’s died down somewhat. Do you guys have any suggestions? Input is appreciated. Cheers.

Lol, 2nd most common problem while jelqing, and something that was a serious problem for me way back when. Most common problem being guys that get a full woody right away.


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Try jelqing with a partial erection until you go flaccid, and then once you go flaccid, just continue jelqing. It may work, I don’t know.

I just started PE about a month ago, but I always get full erection after about 10 strokes.
This is so frustrating..
How do I achieve 40% erection?


My tricks: Get a nice fantasy in your head and run through it every time the erection level starts to drop.
Or try gripping a close to the base as you can and simultaneously doing a kegal to push as much blood as you can into the penis. Sometimes the extra pressure from the extra blood causes the erection level to rise.

Have more sex. Masturbate more.
Or simply go on jelqing with very light grip. Eventually the erection will drop(?). I love the erect jelqs, although I avoided them totally the first 2-3 months, they can be dangerous I heard.

Like silver eagle, I had problems with keeping it down to a safe erection level. What turned out to work excellently for me to control erection level is to use overhand jelqs to keep it down, then change to underhand jelqs to keep it up, and so on. This means I now can control the erection level very precisely to where I want it during the entire exercise, making it much more efficient. Amazing that the grip has so much effect (for me at least).

Just want to add some support. Lots of good tips already. Andgrowing, I had the exact same problem when I first started. I do what Oden described to the “t” (it’s easy since I have a hot wife. I just think about her.) and now I can keep my level exactly where I need it to be. You’ll learn to control it, just give it a little time.


Do you after a shower.

And Play an Metallica song to motivate you!!

Thats how I do it.

When I first started it wouldn’t stay hard. Then I got the hang of it. I laid off jelqing for about 2 weeks for a rest. Then I went back and it got too hard and I went over the edge. Go figure. I guess that is why I call it a “dumb prick.” :D

"Drunk chics dig me."

Something that works well if you have privacy and your own hot tub, (yeah I know, but some do. :) )

I used to stretch in the tub then jelq while sitting next to it. The heat and humidity make it hard to get hard, but at the same time helped keep me quite plump!

I don’t have one any more. :(

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Nice, iamaru. I was wondering why I never had a problem with that. I do mine while soaking in the tub, keeps me at the perfect erection level. (First Post! W00t! Lol)

I agree Logic. I jelq in the tub, (and stretch, and manual clamp, and other things you don’t want to know about) and am always at the proper erection level. I would try the tub dude.

You guys kegel while jelqing if it begins to flag to much don’t you?

Tell me you do….:)

Lol Indeed I do. I try to kegel every 2 or 3 jelqs, keep a good supply of blood goin thru it.

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