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Having trouble getting hard enough for my initial measurements


Originally Posted by mike_rach
4 years?!?! Holy crap! :eek:

I guess it depends on what Low Carb means.

For way too many people it means “no carb” (which I think is nuts! and as you and marinera have pointed out can mess up testosterone levels )

For me it means fruit/veg carbs only, avoid starchy carbs like bread/grains except for maybe once every week or two.

The way that works for me is that I don’t have to take any medication for diabetes.

Originally Posted by tremor_10
The problem has been around for about 4 years. I still have a very good sex life, but I hardly ever get a 100% erection. The funny thing is-I don’t care if I’m more than 80% for my girl. I want to get hard to measure and get this going.

tremor, I really want you to get checked out by a doctor - have him or her do a full bloodwork-up, including endocrine - thyroid, pituitary, total testosterone. free testosterone, estradiol. (they usually do all the good stuff like blood sugar, liver, thyroid, but don’t usually do testosterone levels unless you ask). The ED you are describing isn’t right. And it is affecting your quality of life. It is probably going to be something simple, easy to fix.

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I just got a decent(90%) measurement and I’m definitely starting at 7.25” or a little better. My BPEL is about 7.8”. The no carb diet enables me to put very little effort into having a pretty nice body for a tall 31 year old white guy with bad genetics. So I have to do the jelqing even if I don’t want more girth? I’m starting at over 6” and can’t really see the point of going any bigger. Just want to add some length(3/4”). I’ve noticed the in the real world that women see a 7.25-7.5” they call it 8.5-9” and an 8” is probably 9.5-10”. Thank god for their small brains

A bad eye for cock size doesn’t mean a small brain. Call you lucky none of our female mods is around.

Jelq is the bread and butter exercise of PE. Good for length, just jelq at low erection.

Here is a really long thread on jelqing for length:

New Jelq City!

I still want you to get checked out on this ED issue. Something isn’t right. You may be “OK” with it, but I think you need to find out if it is a symptom of something else. (Not trying to scare you, probably something simple, but see a doc)

I really want to know if I can gain from just doing stretches?

Maybe, but you’re a hell of a lot better off adding jelqing. They are also good for EQ.

I just read you’re only 31. I’ll restate again to get checked out again by your doctor. At that age you shouldn’t have any EQ issues. To state the obvious again the timing of your diet and EQ quality (especially starting at 27) is highly suspect.

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Originally Posted by tremor_10
I really want to know if I can gain from just doing stretches?


You may gain some additional girth as a side effect (or additional benefit, depending on how you look at it).

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

You’ve been eating <10 g grams of carbs a day for 4 years? What about fat?

If you’re a construction worker and work 11 hours a day, I find it even harder to believe.

One way or another, I think it’s nuts.

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I eat less than 10 carbs a day 5 days a week. I eat like an asshole on the weekends(1000’s of carbs). I weigh around 192-195 on saturday morning and after my weekends of eating I weigh as much as 210lbs. I lose every bit of the weight by saturday morning. My weight fluctuates 15-20 lbs a week and I do work like a crazy person all week(I’m sure I burn tons of calories). I am a construction worker, so I do have lots of time off and my diet still keeps my body looking pretty good. I’m also a very big, athletic person(6’4-6’5ish)

Originally Posted by mike_rach
I just read you’re only 31. I’ll restate again to get checked out again by your doctor. At that age you shouldn’t have any EQ issues.

Tremor I wish you would stop ignoring this advice.

You should not be having these EQ problems. It is a very big red flag.

The EQ problems are a symptom of something, whether it is

-poor diet or
-hormonal imbalance or
-high blood sugar or
-cardiac issues or
-something else.

We are concerned about you, you need to get this checked out by a doctor.

I am speaking from experience here, ok? - that is why I keep harping on this.

It’s probably a combination of stress and diet. I went to a doctor a couple of months ago after suffering an embarrassing and painful fall at work. I brought up my slight ed and told him about my diet. He kind of dismissed the idea of it being diet related, but he also didnt even act like he wanted to talk about it. He wanted to stick to the injury from the fall

Just finished 10-12 mins of stretches with about 100 wet jelqs(10-20% erect) and my penis looks pretty great actually. It also feels much less tired than when I do 20-25 mins of just the manual stretching. Thanks sta-cool for the link

I haven’t changed my diet at all and I’ve been PEing for over a month and my EQ is great now. I finally got some official starting measurements-7.75 BPEL 8.5 BPSFL 7.25 EL 6.05 EG. I’m not sure if my starting point was less than the current measurement and I don’t care. My penis is bigger and stronger than it ever has been.

Don’t worry tremor I also have some trouble same as with you. I read some other have too. Some of former wrote me that to take picture and measure are being trouble for some of us.

I measured with my wife’s help and I saw that I am 0,3” longer than my own previous measurement.

Have a good gains

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