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Having problems because of high erection angle


Originally Posted by marinera
How old are you, ‘SU erection’ guys?


I’m 20, does it go with age?

Originally Posted by marinera
How old are you, ‘SU erection’ guys?

23, but when I was like 16-17.the erection angle was still up ,but trying to make it stand SO
Was always the force is not much like it was then and I can SO more painless.

P.s:I’m wearing my penis upwards,so this may have contributed to it

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What you have is a normal erection, I am sure you will figure it out without having to center it with a small boat anchor.

Heh, interesting thread here. I’m the same way, my penis has always pointed more upwards than anything. I’ve never been able to get into the reverse cowgirl stuff because it always feels like my dick is going to snap off. But if the stretching helps this, awesome, because I know my girl would like to do more positions like that!

Tesla,we’re more suited towards her being on top.just lay down and enjoy her ride :)

Kountrykarl,haha, yes, an anchor should do it

You should be happy with it, as far as I know you can decrease your erection angle (with exercises or age), but once it goes down you won’t be able to increase it anymore.

My erection angle is around 45° which I consider perfect, not too high to cause discomfort, but still high enough to allow great gains from ligaments.

Just for the record, I do straight down stretching regularly and my erection angle has not changed.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

My erection angle is the same. Rocket Hard and shoots straight up :)
I’m a V so I’m not sure what it feels like when its put into action, but it is a little sore
trying to force it down into a 45 degree angle. I hope gains come quicker for us rocket up
guys. I can’t imagine it pointing in a different direction though. I like its current angle…

blast off!

I’m pretty sure, up is a lot more common than straight out, unless your packing like a 3 lbs cock and it’s just physically impossible. I’m also sure some guys just have a naturally higher angle than others, but I think up is pretty normal. At 100% concrete hard, I’d say I’m about 75 degree angle. Stretching it to a little past straight out (slightly downward) has always been a bit uncomfortable, but hasn’t prevented different positions, though it does pop out alot more if I’m at a tough angle since I’m barely 6” and it wants to go back to it’s original angle.

Do you dick scientists think alot of lig stretches will make me lose the angle? I don’t really want to go below 45% if I can help it, though I guess an inch of length would be worth the loss of angle.



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