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Having difficulty in having Hard erection . Please help

Having difficulty in having Hard erection . Please help

Hi Guys, I have been practicing the Newbie routine from 1-2 weeks,I recently read in one of the post that after jelqing we should not masturbate. I had once done it 3-4 days back, after that I have been experiencing semi hard erections, prior to that it was rock hard. I have stopped my routine from some days know on an advice from senior member. Wanted to know that what can I do to have rock hard erections once again. Please advice, would be starting my PE routine after 3 days again. Please advice if any minerals or vitamins can be taken to make my erections proper.———-waiting for reply.PLEASE HELP.

Thank you

Dude do you really think that the reason for your semi hard erections is the masturbation you have done after a jelqing session?

It is all psychological. Just stop PE, relax and you will see that your erections are back to normal.

You should remember that masturbating has similar actions to jelqing. so if you masturbate after jelqing that virtually amounts to more exercise.

Too much exercise will cause your dick to malfunction and result in reduced or no erections.

So if you must masturbate (and you would be best not to) after a PE session then you should cut down on your PE session.

Which will slow your gains.

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Petitfaun- I’ve heard that some people like to edge after their PE session, so wouldn’t that be semi-jelqing for another 20-40 minutes or however long they edge for? In that case, should edging be done on off days?

Let me give you and everybody else a big piece of advice on EQ: In most cases, it is (at least partially) in your head!

The most important thing to think about is do you EVER get hard erections anymore? For example, if you get morning wood, is it the same quality as before? If you ever get rock hard, chances are nothing is wrong with your body. You just have a psychological issue.

Lay off of PE for a while, start kegaling daily for a few weeks and see how you feel. Chances are nothing is really wrong.

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Do kegels dude

Regular kegels, 100+ 5 seconds a day, or just as many as you can be arsed doing, for a couple weeks and you’ll have a harder pile driver than ever before :D

Thanks for all of you’re advices.will do kegels and rest for 4 days more,then start with my PE.Thanks again.

Kegels are amazing, I do them whenever I can throughout the day, the coolest thing about them is they’re virtually undetectable as long as you don’t make weird faces while you do them.

Do them regularly and in a month or so you’ll have rock hard erections, last longer in bed, and shoot almost like a porn star.

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I guess you should just relax and try not to worry about it too much. You have been just 2 weeks in your routine and the reason you lost bit of sensitivity is due for jelqing it will go away once your dick get to use to it

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