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Having Difficulties with ChickenChoker's amazing 6 Extender

Having Difficulties with ChickenChoker's amazing 6 Extender

So, I made a ChickenChoker All-Day Stretcher. I paid through the nose for materials b/c I’m an idiot and bought way more than I needed (you know the adage: fast, cheap, or right — pick two). I am having no luck wrapping my unit so it will stay still. I think part of my problem stems from the fact that the turnbuckles I used were a bit too long; if they’d had 5” ones instead of 5 1/2”, I would have used them, but too late now. But anyway, the velcro on bare skin thing was a no-go, of course. I tried packing gauze between the velcro and my skin, but having too many things to do at once reduced how well I could stretch into the contraption, and I couldn’t get it tight under my glans.

Incidentally, I put it together quite well, and I have a TON of extra materials (enough nuts and bolts for about 20 more, enough pipe and velcro etc. For about the same). Would it be alright if I sold them for like $6 plus shipping on here? I’m a poor college student, and I just want to recoup what I spent on the materials.

Addendum: I have fixed my problem. Instead of the velcro, I am now using a rope, and I am having much more success. It is applying a similar stretching effect to the Penimaster or the Androextender, with three important differences: firstly, the damn thing is nearly invisible under my clothes. Secondly, I can attach my penis first before increasing tension, resulting in having to do fewer things at once — it is very, very, very easy to put on. Thirdly, it is comfortable.

Check Cantlook’ threads.

The chickenchoker special is a bit painful - thoughts?

So, I’ve been using ChickenChoker’s neat, cheap, turnbuckle-based extender, and it’s working beautifully. I’m still looking for a slightly thicker rope to use (a wider loop will likely cause less loss of circulation) but on the whole, I don’t really care too much. It’s more comfortable than the androextender by a country mile, and I’m already stretching very close to my erect length. However, I am having a couple of problems:

Firstly, when I have it at the maximum extension that I feel capable of and comfortable with, the difference in magnitude between the stretch with my penis pointed straight out and with my penis pointed down is substantial; therefore, attempts to direct my penis down one pant leg while in the extender are making it look like I have an erection.

Secondly, I’m trying to come up with something to put around the pvc base so it doesn’t hurt so badly when it presses against my pubic bone. It’s very rough and hard, and I don’t have access to sandpaper right now.

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