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Have you felt the draft with a woman?


Have you felt the draft with a woman?

In a couple of my sexual incounters years gone by, the woman was so loose (my small dick did’nt help) that I felt a cool draft when I was pumping away! And believe me that was about all I felt. I was average length, however my girth was much do be desired. (got the term pencil dick once, ouch) I was curious if any men out there could relate to this. Thanks.

I think everyone has run into cow pussy at one time or another. The loosest I ever had wouldn’t have been filled by a huge dick. Maybe my leg. ;)

Poor gals. I wonder if they worry about twat tightness like we do penis size. It does take two to screw.

Yeah, why can’t they go to a pussy exercise forum. My guess is that it’s all on us to fill it up…shit. Er, I mean shucks.

Ive felt the draft,but I take it in like the nascar sense of the word, taking a line that reduces arodrag, so you can hit it faster,Ive dodged “cowpussy” all my life , the closest Ive ever had was maybe a 1/3 “cowpussy” but she got off on sex more than the “noncow pussy” she literally cumed in at the most 3 mins. , when she came I actually said”,..your kidding right? “I don’t know if this “cowpussy” has an effect on the woman,I honestly believe sex is more mental for women. True size plays a part in it,but pre PE I wasn’t huge I started at 7.5x5.5. and Ive had tight pussy’s and one or two semi “cowpussys” and in my experience the girl with the tightest pussy,was the one who never came during sex,ever…she was like unreal tight to me and that was pre PE. Then there was the “cow pussy” girl,I guess to measure how the sex went with her,I could fuck her to 6 orgasms for my 1.I couldn’t believe it,and her pussy was loser than Ive ever had before, but she came the most,I guess my advice is to not wory so much about it,look at it like this, a pussy is MADE TO GIVE BIRTH your cock will never be the size of a newborn child, no ones ever will. so just relax just becuse it isnt tight doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying it a hell of a lot,and if your relay concerned I have 2 words “oral sex” and everything is ok stop trying to find something to feel insecure about, because I honestly think all these threads about” size queens” and my cock isn’t big enuf ect..are relay just more in your head than anything,relax all the information to get a big cock is here, just read alot and be smart about it, but remember a big cock isn’t gona make you good in bed, if you relay suck it will only make it worse reading your stats your about average there are MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of smaller guys than you.I noticed when you bring up your past sexual experiences your mention your self feeling insignificant but never even mention your lovers reaction, Just giving you some thing to think about.Shit this is a long post maybe it helped?..maybe I could just lurk more?

Originally Posted by renderer
maybe I could just lurk more?

Good idea, I’ve been doing it for months now and it feels really good.

Originally Posted by Anth0079
Good idea, I’ve been doing it for months now and it feels really good.

well, I never realy added much, but I recently came to the reality that PE is infact real.I had something to add, so I posted.I recently joint the “one inch club” so I feel as if now I have erned the right to give some feedback.I’ll return to my lurking/hanging =P

Hey renderer,

Can you do me a favor and read this when you get a spare minute? Thanks bro.

Are you talking about the “quief”?? ahahahahhahaahhaadsf;hadjklasfhladfahahah (edit: ramrod beat me to it)

Yes, I have experienced that. It happens almost every time I do it doggystyle. For that reason, she used to not let me go in it doggystyle, because she was ashamed. I told her that I make funny noises too, like how I sound like a little schoolgirl when I’m cumming. :o After a while, she started letting me do it doggystyle again:D

Originally Posted by bt

Is that the sound a queef makes?

How about prprrprprrprrprbprpbrebrpbprpbprbprpbrpbrpbrpbrpbp r.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

Yes, I love queefs. I believe that kegelman is talking about the sensation of the air entering the vagina and feeling the cool draft as it passes by. My first lover had the largest vagina (hmm, and we were in our mid teens at that!) , and she queefed a bit during and after sex. Once though, I got her very aroused then teased her labia with the head of my penis. As soon as the tip of my glans parted her labia and broke the air seal. Her vagina made a sucking noise and I litterally felt and heard the cool air rush into her opening as my head had parted her labia. Once I fully into her, I could feel the baloon shape of her walls inside. Her wet opening was around me, but her walls were fully tented. And I was at 5 to 5.25 erect girth.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Pussy tightness. Do they worry?


I’ve actually found the answer to be “Yes”, women do worry about the way they feel to us.

I was recently with a smaller woman (about 5’2”), and being a big guy (6’3”, average stats) she felt amazing! I could pick her up, walk around the room, all sorts of crazy positions, etc. So afterwards she’s like, “Can I ask you something really personal?”, which is the sort of thing I’ve said before asking gf’s if I’m big enough for them. I said sure, and she asked me, “Do all women feel different?”

I was shocked. One, I didn’t think they cared. And two, um, YEAH! They do feel different. So I explained why and how women feel different, and she seemed really interested and grateful.

Of course, the girl was Australian, so I can’t speak for American women. But I’d say if this girl thinks about it, lots of women do. Damned if they’d ever tell us, though. And I’m gonna guess it probably takes a backseat to breast & booty size, anyway.

Originally Posted by marko

I said sure, and she asked me, “Do all women feel different?”

I was shocked. One, I didn’t think they cared. And two, um, YEAH! They do feel different.

They will bug you with this question until your death (usually implying your ex-gf’s) and one and only right answer is “Honey, you are the best and you are the tightest one” under NO circumstances deviate from this answer.

I forgot about this thread, heh. She just laid there and I sensed she was trying to get something out of the encounter but was’nt. I went down on her later and holy crap!! she bucked me and my head all over her bed. She was grabbing my hair, ears, neck, whatever she could. She came over and over and over again. I finally had to stop as she wore me out with that shit. Got some really good head myself afterwards. When it was all over she said it was the best sex ever. I actually tore that little tendon thingy under my tongue and had a very sore neck the next day lol.

Hey marko, sounds a hell of a lot like my girlfriend….. was this on a visit to Australia? Gotta find out if by some astronomical coincidence, you’ve been bonking my chick :D

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