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Have you felt the draft with a woman?


Originally Posted by renderer
Ive felt the draft,but I take it in like the nascar sense of the word, taking a line that reduces arodrag, so you can hit it faster,Ive dodged “cowpussy” all my life , the closest Ive ever had was maybe a 1/3 “cowpussy” but she got off on sex more than the “noncow pussy” she literally cumed in at the most 3 mins. , when she came I actually said”,..your kidding right? “I don’t know if this “cowpussy” has an effect on the woman,I honestly believe sex is more mental for women. True size plays a part in it,but pre PE I wasn’t huge I started at 7.5x5.5. and Ive had tight pussy’s and one or two semi “cowpussys” and in my experience the girl with the tightest pussy,was the one who never came during sex,ever…she was like unreal tight to me and that was pre PE. Then there was the “cow pussy” girl,I guess to measure how the sex went with her,I could fuck her to 6 orgasms for my 1.I couldn’t believe it,and her pussy was loser than Ive ever had before, but she came the most,


Sounds like she was getting off on your length, and possibly you were tapping her fornix. I hadn’t thought about this before until now reading your post, but just because a woman can take very much girth doesn’t necessarily have to mean she is extra deep.

True, beenthere. I believe there is probably as much diversity and differing ratio between depth and width in a girl as there would be between length and girth in a guy. I sometimes think me and my girlfriend would fit together better if I was shorter but fatter. Of course, it works in reverse as well :D


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