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Have You Exprienced This?

Have You Exprienced This?

I am relatively new to PE, having done stretching and jelq 3-4 times a week for about 2 months now. Last Sunday I had a particularly strong session. Wednesday night I noticed a raised, knotty ridge, about 1/4 inch wide, running width-wise around the top of my penis, just under the skin, about one half inch below the glans. It is particulalry prominent when erect. I have never seen this before. It doesn’t hurt and everything seems to work OK but it is alarming to say the least. I will stop PE until it either goes away or someone out there can give me some reassurance that this is a normal part of the process. Thanks for your input.


It sounds like something to do with your circ scar, but I don’t understand what you mean by a ridge, could it be a hard vein?
some guys have a ridge-line running the length of there shaft on the under side but never heard of one around the penis. Sorry I coudn’t be more help.


Thanks for the reply Dino. Although cut, I have never been aware of a circ scar. Its definitely in that area where the skin is a slightly different color. A “hard vein” is a pretty good description. However, the ridge is running in the wrong direction and is not blue colored, so a vein is highly unlikely.

Re: Ridge

I’ve not heard of this phenomenum before. In most of the reports I’ve read, guys talk about developing ridges lengthwise. It may be that your ridge was there all along and through PE you’ve only just noticed it and perhaps through jelqing it has simply developed and become more prominent. If it’s on the circ scar it may even be a keloid effect - a thickening of the scar tissue. Or it could even be just a build up of fluid. Rest your unit and monitor it’s progess. If it’s not affecting anything else and your penis is in otherwise healthy condition, chances are that it’s nothing too serious. If it remains and you’re still concerned consult your healthcare professional. Rest up! :sun:


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me too

I have the same thing. Its a hard “slightly raised when I’m erect” bump maybe 1/4 inch running just below the head girthwise. I’t very noticeable to the touch but I’ve never really looked at it as its on the underside of my penis.

Bad news: Ive never had it checked out because I never thought it was really a big deal. So I cant help you there with any medical advice.

Good news: I’ve had it for as long as I can remember and it never got bigger or had any adverse affect on my health at all.


Welcome aboard….

The “ridge” or hardening of that area might be due to too much pressure during jelqs, in the early stages of PE, lack of sufficient warm-ups or the swelling of the circumsision scar.

But keep in mind that there’s also a major vein running on top of your shaft towards the head and it parts just before the head , running all around from there….

Take a look at this:

Penis Anatomy

It might explain a few things.

So, go easy fro the next few days, do some mild stretches under warm water and maybe some low-pressure jelqs. Other than that, just monitor it…..

One thing I can’t mention enough, though:

Make sure you’re warmed-up properly before engaging in any PE workout. Best thing to do: Do your stretching under warm/hot water!!

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me too...

I’ve had this before, although not through PE… I got bad bruising and a lump exactly the same as this trying to screw my gf standing, with her legs wrapped round me. I think I slipped a bit as I was drunk :( Anyway, the lump has reduced in size, and mine has almost gone. It lasted a month or so…


Many thanks to all the above for your observations and the “wisdom of your experience”. Happy to report that this condition is almost gone. I will definitely do more warming up before jelq as the most probable mistake. Also, will keep my enthusiasm under control until I have a bit more experience and the “little master” is more conditioned to the routine.


Glad to hear it’s getting better, start off slow think long term.



Hi Guys I have been doing PE jelquing for about two months. While using the power jelquer I noticed some small traces of blood in seminal fluid during the session. It happened twice I think I have may have noticed a small sharp pain having gotten too close to the head. Has anyone experienced this before???


your about the 3rd or 4th guy I have heard that has had bleeding while using the power jelq. I would think you guys are squeezing to hard and getting to close to the head. I dont use the PJ so I cant tell you for sure why it happens.


bach2bach, I recently had my member checked about some sensitive spots at the base. I thought I could have an STD or something. I didnt have anything but if you are sexually active I would advice you to get it checked. What you described was what the doctor told me is a warning sign of siphilis. Siphilis is not that big of a deal and easily treated. If you are sexually active go get a blood test. Some STDs can get pretty ugly if you dont treat them.

Ease up on your squeezes


Try easing up on your power jelq squeeze pressure. I’ve used the PJ pretty consistently for two months and have never experienced any bleeding or sharp pain. Pay attention to your grip. Vary the intensity of your grip as you’re using the PJ while moving up the shaft or doing plain squeezes.
I don’t think that the phrase “no pain, no gain” applies to PE.



Thanks Dino an Peforeal

I have eased up considerably and have not had anymore incidents. Both times it felt like a sharp pinch at the head. I need a longer runway thats all!! I hope this works



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